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Oculus Rift Review

Years later, the Oculus Rift has released in 2016 with other competitor products that have caught up to its legacy. But just because it had success on Kickstarter, and in many ways paved the way for VR to enter the market, doesn’t mean that it’s the best product.

PlayStation VR Review

The PlayStation VR has been a long time coming. It’s the third mass market VR experience we’ve seen in 2016 and with its low price, it’s made it a huge attraction for console VR enthusiasts. The PlayStation VR is made for any PlayStation device–including the new PS4 slim, and original–although the new Playstation Pro has an enhanced experience with more textures and shaders.

HTC Vive Review

The HTC Vive is one of the most powerful and capable VR headsets on the market today. HTC has partnered with Valve to make this device–and the experience has finally hit the market this year in 2016 making and creating a huge precedent on how big and immersive a VR headset can be. is affiliated with web hosts,, and other affiliate programs listed on this site.