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TOPSKY High Back Racing Style PU Leather Review

Most chairs with a reclining capability limit user to certain angles. This aspect also limits the comfort levels of the chair. With the TOPSKY chair, however, all those limitations are put to the rest. You can adjust it all the way to an almost horizontal angle for various comfortable positions. Besides that, the chair comes […]

Turismo Racing Ancora Series Gaming Chair Black

Those looking for a chair that serves many purposes and comes with a myriad of features will appreciate the Turismo. Named after a series of racing cars, the Turismo Racing Chair has many similarities with the famous rack cars. But, does it mean all is great with this chair? We put it to the test […]

Merax Racing Style Chair Review

Features such as a headrest, footrests that are adjustable and even lumbar support have for a while been reserved for expensive chairs. With time, the features have trickled to the middle and even the lower tiers. With the Merax racing style chair, some of the main features have been brought into it with excellent results. We put the chair to the test.

E-Blue Cobra Gaming Chair Review

When you go into the market for a good chair that does not cost you a fortune, you have many options to pick from. And the definition of a fortune is different to different people. Some chairs like the E-Blue cobra gaming chair straddle the lower segment of the price spectrum no matter what your definition of a fortune is. But, does it meet the needs of the user? We set out to review it.

Kinsai Gaming Chair Review

Kinsai has a family of chairs that have won over hundreds of thousands of customers in various categories. The focus of the company has been to provide the best chairs at the lowest price. While there are chairs cheaper than the ones by Kinsai,their price and quality are a big mismatch.

IntimaTe Gaming Chair Review

The IntimaTe WM Heart Swivel chair is exactly what you get with good materials but with a low price point. For those seeking a chair with these qualities, this is the chair to consider for the best results.

Homall Gaming Chair Review

Finding a good gaming chair that also doubles up as a desk chair is no easy task. Matters get even more complicated when you are on a tight budget. Most chairs will require lots of money to purchase, are complex to assemble and have low levels of comfort. With the Homall chair, however, you get all the good things in one place.

Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Gaming Chair Review

With chairs like the Ficmax Ergonomic high-back gaming chair, the term low-budget does not mean that compromising on the quality of the chair any more. With a low price below $200, most gamers will have the opportunity of having a quality chair that does not cost a fortune.

TOPSKY High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair Review

The chair comes with a minimalist design which ensures that the chair only includes the features one would need for their gaming purposes. The design is also unique and will appeal to both gamers and office users. is affiliated with web hosts,, and other affiliate programs listed on this site.