Good / Powerful sound, good comfort, and designed to be sturdy. Good reports on customer service.

Bad / Chair looks a bit “over the top, ” and some cheaper chairs have sleeker designs, but the X Rocker 51396 seems to have the best sound quality.

Verdict / The X Rocker 51396 is one of the best if not the best gaming rocker chair out there for PS4 and Xbox One. Since it’s easy to setup, and a good size, it’s an easy recommendation for any gamer. The sound is also quite good and should make your gaming experience more immersive.

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Review

Intro to X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Review

The X Rocker 51396 is the most expensive premium gaming chair option from X Rocker. The chair has the best speakers, best materials, and the best comfort from X Rocker. If you’re not familiar with gaming chairs with speakers, the X Rocker 51396 is a good starting point if you have a bit of money saved up.

Gaming chairs with speakers are great if you are limited on space, want an immersive sound experience, or just want to chill out in front of the TV.

In this X Rocker 51396 review, I’ll take an in-depth look at what you get for the semi-expensive price, and if it’s worth a purchase.


The X Rocker 51396 costs around $230 on Amazon, which is fairly expensive for a gaming rocker chair with speakers. However, this is pretty cheap compared to some gaming chairs like DXRacer chairs which are more commonly used for computer setups than consoles like the X Rocker chairs.

Most X Rocker chairs go from $150-200, so the X Rocker 51396 is a bit more expensive than average.


  • Ability to connect with multiple chairs
  • Two speakers and subwoofer with 2.1 AFM technology for surround sound.
  • Built in wireless radio and wireless transmitter
  • Ergonomic design with gunstock arms and pedestal with tilt capability


So what is good about the X Rocker 51396?

The chair is great for a variety of users, and the ergonomic design, as well as the sturdiness of the chair, means that it’s comfortable for long periods of time. You can lean back in the chair with the swivel function, and since the chair is on a secure pedestal foundation, you can get good viewing angles.

One of the best things about the chair is that it has GREAT audio. This is probably what sets it apart the most from cheaper chairs, and the reception on the quality of the audio is very good. Due to the design of the speakers and subwoofers, you can even feel sound waves in the lower back of the chair for an immersive experience.

The X Rocker 51396 is also compatible with PS4/Xbox One and is very easy to setup.

One notable thing is that the company behind the chair (X Rocker) also has great customer service if you have any problems with the chair, and you’ll find other users on the internet having great experiences with the company.


There aren’t too many bad things about the X Rocker 51396, but one thing to note is that the arms are a bit low. There are also some complaints about the material cracking in certain spots, but also other users citing that the chair is very durable for extended use. Just to be safe, don’t spill any water on it and treat it nice, and everything should be A-okay!


If you want a great gaming chair for Xbox One, PS4, or just a good gaming chair with speakers to put in the living/bedroom, the X Rocker 51396 is an excellent choice and worth the money.

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Review