Good / Most feature-rich X Rocker chair to date. Great comfort owing to fabric and foam, can be used for various purposes including listening to music, playing video games, relaxing, watching TV, reading and much more. Total immersion surround sound with four speakers and a subwoofer using AFM technology. Boasts of vibrators that sync with the bass of the sounds for the ultimate user experience. These, coupled with wireless sensors and great user reviews, make this one of the best chairs.

Bad / This model of chair is missing a pedestal, if you want one, check out the slightly more expensive X Rocker 51396.

Verdict / The X Rocker 51259 is one of the best chairs for gaming on the market at the moment. The features it has cannot be found in many chairs for this purpose. The slightly high price point is justified through the many neat extra features that come with it. Also, you get a chair that does more than gaming as it allows you enjoy many sessions on it. This is the ultimate all in one chair.

X Rocker 51259 Pro Series Review

Intro to X Rocker 51259 Pro Series Review

This chair is one of the best gaming chairs anyone can have. It packs many features that provide the best experience when gaming, listening to music and when just chilling. With the addition of features such as vibrators to rhyme with the bases in the gaming or music, it will add to the whole gaming experience. Bundle it with a great gaming console, and you have the ultimate gaming chair.


Amazon lists the X Rocker 51259 at $180 which is a bit more than what some cheaper other gaming chairs cost. However, it is not even the most expensive one yet. It’s about mid-price for a X Rocker chair.

There are gaming chairs double that price. However, if you want the best balance of price and features, the X Rocker 51259 is the best. For this price, you get many features reserved for the most premium of gaming chairs.


  • Made of premium fabric and foam to provide the best comfort when gaming.
  • Can be put to many different purposes including relaxing, gaming, residing, watching TV, listening to music and so much more.
  • Fitted with four speakers and a subwoofer to provide great surround sound that immerses the gamer in action on-screen.
  • Added vibrators that sync with the bass in the games and music for in-depth experience when gaming.
  • Ultimate comfort occasioned by a head rest and gunstock arms. These also provide a stable gaming experience.
  • Can work wirelessly owing to the wireless radio receiver and transmitter.


There are many good things about the X Rocker 51259 to mention. The best and most interesting thing about it is the ability to sync sound with the vibrators in the chair. You can feel the vibrations move from one end of the chair to the other as per the game. The price is also the best when it comes to combining the features with what it costs. It is for those who want it all but don’t have it all.


There is not much on the negative side as far as this chair goes. In fact, the worst thing own can say is that it is too good to be true. At that price, most seats will offer much fewer features.


This is an excellent choice if you want a chair that will make your gaming way more than throwing fists or shooting zombies without making you bankrupt; this is the one. When done gaming, turn on your favorite tunes and relax in the chair. Few gaming chairs also come with the ability to sync the sound with the chair for great gaming sessions.

The X Rocker 51259 may seem ‘too much’ to some users who want a simpler and cheaper gaming chair. It is meant for those who want the best out of everything from their sessions on the gaming chair. However, the additional features make it the best option for gamers and music listeners and even for relaxing. You won’t get these features at this price anywhere else.

X Rocker 51259 Pro Series Review