Good / High-quality sound system, and a powerful vibration system at a mid-level price.

Bad / May not be the most comfortable for heavier/taller users. Limited adjustment options.

Verdict / While not the most comfortable for taller or heavier individuals, this chair shines when it comes to sound quality and its vibration system.

X Rocker 51092 Spider 2.1 review

Intro to X Rocker 51092 Spider 2.1 review

Just like force feedback systems on racing controllers, gaming chairs, with built-in sound and vibrations settings, add a full immersion experience to your gaming. The X Rocker 51092 Spider offers built-in sound and vibration at a price that is under $200. So how does this chair stack up? Let’s take a look.




  • 2.1 Speakers (2 of them) and Subwoofer
  • Responsive Vibration technology
  • Built-in Wireless Receiver and Transmitter
  • Input/Output Jacks for RCA and Headsets


Powerful and High-Quality Sound System: This chair features two 2.1 sound speakers and subwoofers, but what makes the sound pop is the way the speakers are built into the chair. The chair uses the open space inside the actual chair for an increased acoustic effect that makes the sound pop. Works hand in hand with the vibration system for an in-sync gaming experience.

Responsive Vibration System: This chair features a responsive vibration system that brings out the sound levels of your game. Similarly priced chairs with vibration systems may hold back on their vibration levels, but with this chair, you can feel the effects. The vibration system and be adjusted to your liking.

Connect to anything: This chair’s wireless receiver and transmitter can work with anything that has an RCA output. It also features input and output jacks that let you connect to other racing chairs for a fully immersive multi-player experience.


Not the best for taller or heavier individuals: If you are over 6ft tall or if you weigh 200lb this may not be the gaming chair for you. Taller individuals have complained about a lack of support, especially in the mid-back region of the chair. The armrests are positioned pretty low, so for taller people, this means it will mainly be your elbows touching them.

Limited seat adjustment available: The chair does a fine job of spinning freely, but some other adjustment features are lacking. For instance, the chair doesn’t recline that much. Also, the chair height cannot be adjusted, meaning there’s no option to raise or lower the chair.

X Rocker 51092 Spider 2.1 Review Conclusion.

Before I end the review, I have to mention the cool design of this chair. It’s black with red accents and can add some style to your living room (or wherever you game). Some chairs only have the speakers pointing outwards from the frame, so the way the speakers are built into this chair for sound magnification is a definite plus.

This chair had an effective duo of responsive vibration and enhanced sound to make your games pop. The one drawback is, this chair is probably not the best suited for people over 6ft. However, its design aesthetic is a hit among kids and teenagers, making this a cool Christmas or birthday gift.

X Rocker 51092 Spider 2.1 review