Good / The Vertagear Racing Series chair has been built with the ease of assembly being an underlying theme. For this chair, it takes just about 20 minutes to assemble and that is by a single person. Besides that, it is a very comfortable chair that can be used for various roles most notably office work. Made of high-quality materials that are also light to keep the chair strong yet easily movable. A 5-star base for stability. Many adjustment positions for the ultimate comfort.

Bad / There are chairs $100 with similar or almost similar features to this one. However, the premium price is justified by the quality of materials, ease of assembly and ergonomics. Getting this chair is but a no-brainer for most office workers and even those at home.

Verdict / The Vertagear Racing series chair is a sexy black chair with features to boot. Most users will go for it owing to its ease of assembly and look at weight. The fact also that almost every part of this chair can be adjusted is a positive note most customers will consider. Even the armrests can be adjusted to suit the work one is doing or even when relaxing with a book. The perfect balance of features and the price make it a top priority for those looking for a chair to keep them comfortable all day.

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Intro to Vertagear Racing Series S-Line Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line Ergonomic Office Chair Review

The market for premium office and gaming chairs keeps adding new features and dropping the price. There are even options that come at a price way below $50. While they may sound great on paper, they do not offer the comfort and durability to make them worth a buy.

With the Vertagear Racing Series chair, however, the features, quality, and price complement each other to create a solid chair that can be used in any office setting. Few other chairs at this price offer this level of adjustability and high quality of materials.


The Vertagear Racing Series chair can be obtained from Amazon at $339.99 which is midrange in terms of office chairs. It is optimally priced as it packs the features to justify its price. It is even cheaper than what other similar chairs go for.


Vertagear Racing Series S-Line Ergonomic Office Chair Review

  • Has a 5-star base made up of five legs each with a pair of wheels at the end for stability and ease of movement.
  • Made of a steel frame with high-density foam for durability and comfort.
  • Very easy to assemble due to the use of a slide-in assembly approach which allows a single person to take about 20 minutes to put the seat together.
  • Beautiful design to make the seat stand out from the crowd.
  • Easily adjustable to suit the needs of the users at a given time.
  • Customized racing stylist Penta RS1 casters that are coated with PU for soft and smooth gliding on any surface.


A great price matched with quality materials make this chair a must-have for those seeking to obtain a chair for their office work or relaxation at home. The only levels of adjustments on this chair make it possible to use it at home for gaming too. It has a solid base that allows for a high level of stability when in use. The light weight of the materials makes them easy to move about the home.


A bit pricier than the competition with similar or almost similar features. However, the features packed in it make it worth a buy.


Most chairs for the office have heavy materials which make them cumbersome and unusable to use. However, the Vertagear Racing Series chair is light optional does not make any compromises with quality of the materials. Using steel alloy makes it solid enough yet light to fit any office situation.

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line Ergonomic Office Chair Review