Good / The Vertagear Triigger 275 gaming chair is clearly the best in the lot when it comes to high-quality ergonomic gaming. One of the main focuses of this chair is the ergonomics. It provides the best comfort for the gamer or office user given its many adjustment positions.Unlike other chairs in its class, this chair allows the user to make adjustments while still seated. It comes with various positions one can choose from.

The reinforced DuPont TPEE Mesh provides for a long life of the mesh with the benefit of retaining the tension of the mesh for the best user comfort. One can adjust various aspects about this chair including the lower back support, the support and just about anything about it.

The materials that have gone into this chair also make it very durable and reliable no matter what use one puts it to. The simple and light structure of their chair makes it the best one can get at its price.

Bad / The only issue about it is that the price is a bit beyond what most people can afford.
However, if one intends to get the best chair for their gaming or office work, the price is very much justified. Additionally, due to the quality of the materials, the chair should last quite awhile with few issues.

Verdict / No other gaming chair can match the Vertagear Triigger 275 regarding comfort and the ergonomics. The solid but stripped-down design makes it the simplest chair one can get but with all the provisions of a comfortable chair to boot. Rather than going for conventional leather or fabric, Vertagear has chosen to go for fabric mesh and calfskin leather. The unique combination gives the seat a clean look without sacrificing breathability for hot days. The use of reinforced DuPont TPEE mesh ensures that the chair can be used for years without losing the tension in the mesh.

Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger 275 Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Intro to Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger 275 Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger 275 Ergonomic Office Chair Review

The market for premium chairs has grown in leaps and bounds over the recent few years. With more and more streamers and the rise of competitive gaming, there’s a much larger audience than ten years ago. You’d think that this would mean tons of high-quality gaming chairs, but the offerings are still a bit slim. You have low-end gaming chairs, DXRacers, and that’s about it.

However, there are some interesting chairs in the console market with chairs that have gone as far as including speakers and even vibration equipment to mimic the sound and effects of the game. But the same chairs cannot be used for any other purpose without coming off as too much.

For example, a chair packed with speakers, vibrators, gaming pads and other such bells and whistles will come out as an alien in an office setting. With the Vertagear Triigger 275, however, the focus has been shifted to creating the ultimate all-in-one chair for any purpose users might put it. It can be used for gaming, in the office, on the balcony reading a favorite book and so much more. All that comes in a simple package that can be adjusted in as many ways as one wishes.

The use of reinforced DuPont TPEE mesh makes sure that the mesh lasts for long and it does not lose its tension. This is different from other chairs in this class that choose to use either fabric or leather.

Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger 275 Ergonomic Office Chair Review

The issue with fabric is that it tends to lose its tension with time. Similarly, leather will lose its luster as one keeps using it. With the mesh, the chair is easy to clean and does not accumulate any heat to make the bottom sweaty. If one is into endless hours of gaming, having mesh on their back and bottom is a great positive for playing for long periods without getting uncomfortable.

The dual spring hub made from a steel alloy combined with manganese and silicon to create a solid but light chair that can withstand all the swerving and jumping of gaming and all day sitting at the office. One gets great balance during gaming so that one does not topple over. If other materials were to be used, the chair would only come off as too heavy to move and adjust.

The thing that also stands out in the features of the chair is the number of adjustments one can make. First of all, one can adjust the height of the seat to suit their needs. This will allow the user have the perfect height to match their office chair or provide vantage points in a gaming of shooting zombies. The user can also adjust the height of the backrest. This feature can be found in few other seats.

Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger 275 Ergonomic Office Chair Review

The most important aspect in a chair is how comfortable it makes the user. For this case, the back easily gets tired if not rested well. With the Vertagear Triigger 275, however, one can choose how high or low the backrest should be for the ultimate comfort. Even the armrests can be adjusted as per their height, angle of inclination and declination, how far back or forward they are and so on.

The depth of the chair can also be adjusted. This is in the view of the backrest. If you want the chair to support your back in a certain way, you can get exactly that. It also has a lower back support cushion that provides extra support to your back.

Even better is the knowledge that all these adjustments can be done while one is seated. Other chairs would need the user to make an adjustment, try out the chair then come off again, make another adjustment and so on. No need for that penguin movement with this chair as every control is within reach of the user. Simply reach out and tweak it the way you want.

Another aspect about this seat is the quality of its frame. Most of its parts are made of steel alloy to give it a rigid finish that is also very light to allow for ease of movement. There are also leather parts with genuine calfskin leather being used on every piece of the Vertagear Triigger 275 chair. Calfskin leather is soft and retains its quality for ages unlike other types of leather.


On Amazon, the Vertagear Triigger 275 chair is priced at $599.99 which is $600. This price is on the higher end of the price spectrum when it comes to gaming and office chairs. Few chairs can match that price point in this regard.

However, even fewer can match the quality of this chair and the features it comes with. While some chairs in the same price bracket have similar features, they cannot be implemented in the same way as what this chair offers.

The number of ways one can adjust this chair is way more than any other chair can offer. The quality of the chair is also way better than what similarly priced chairs can afford. The use of premium materials such as calfskin leather, reinforced DuPont TPEE mesh and steel alloy combined with silicon and manganese make it strong yet very light.

Other chairs use heavier materials that make them impractical to use in various situations. For this price, one gets a chair that will last for ages without getting spoilt.


  • A dual spring hub made from a steel alloy with manganese and silicon to provide stability and comfort even when deeply reclined backward.
  • Reinforced DuPont TPEE mesh that provides for long periods of use without breakage or loss in tension.
  • Easily adjustable backrest height, seat height, depth, armrests and even a lower back support cushion for extra comfort.
  • Vertagear Holton 65mm/2.5″ Hubless roller bearing caster.
  • Calfskin leather and aluminum alloy frame for strength and lightness.


The best thing about this chair is its ability to provide comfort in various scenarios. One can adjust it to fit gaming conditions, office conditions, relaxation time, reading time, and any other moments one can think of. Just about everything on the chair can be adjusted as needed.

For example, one can tweak the height of backrest, the height of the seat, the angle of the armrests, the depth of the seat and anything else. Knowing that all these can be done all while one is seated is an extra point as it ensures the person finds the right position without sitting and standing as they adjust it. All the adjustment controls are located just below the chair and within
arm’s reach.

The reinforced DuPont TPEE mesh has been created in such a way that they retain the tension for the longest time possible. The quality of the mesh cannot be found in any other chair hence the premium price.

The base has five feet each with a wheel at its end for movement and comfort. The base is spread out wide to increase the surface area for the center of gravity to fall within it even when the chair is deeply reclined backward.

Lastly, the price point is the lowest possible for a chair of this high quality. Most of the chairs at the same price point offer much less features with even lower quality in the same features. This one this stands out as the ultimate chair for use by gamers and office workers.


The downside to this chair is its price. Not that it is a bad thing, but because most gamers and office workers will not be able to enjoy what it has on offer. Most other chairs have but stripped down versions of these features.

For example, there are chairs with a similar design philosophy, but that are limited in the quality of the materials, the level and the number of adjustments that can be made on the chairs and the durability of the chair.

These aspects justify the price for this chair. In fact, this chair makes no compromises or shortcuts on the design and materials to provide a chair suited for all purposes.


For those in the market for a chair that does it all without coming across as intimidating or too much, this is the one.With premium materials to make the chair both durable and easy to use, the chair comes out on top of its class. It boasts of great capabilities such as the ability to be adjusted in various angles to suit the needs of the user.

It can be reclined back enough to provide a good napping experience without toppling over as is the case with competing chairs. A look at it reveals that it is simple, but one could be forgiven for thinking it is a weak chair. Made of steel alloy combined with manganese and silicon, the chair is both lightweight but tough enough to carry about ten times its weight.

If one wants everything in a gaming or office chair and has the money to go for the best, the Vertagear Triigger 275 chair is the best option at the moment. No unnecessary extra features; just what one needs to be comfortable and focussed on what they are doing at that moment.

Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger 275 Ergonomic Office Chair Review