Those looking for a chair that serves many purposes and comes with a myriad of features will appreciate the Turismo. Named after a series of racing cars, the Turismo Racing Chair has many similarities with the famous rack cars. But, does it mean all is great with this chair? We put it to the test in a hands-on review. In summary, it is an impressive chair that you can put too many different uses at a bargain price.

Good / Strong chair able to support up to 350 pounds which is way more than what other chairs offer. Ergonomic design to keep you comfortable at all times. Easy to adjust the various parts such as the height, lumbar support, the armrests and other parts of the chair with ease. The chair has a good pricing since it costs lower than similar chairs in its class. It is also one of the few chairs that allow you to adjust its back to the position you need. The car race built is not a gimmick as it really sets the chair above its peers as far as the looks, the quality and the features are concerned.

Bad / Some users have complained about the bottom being too thin especially for big users. While the bottom has comfort and memory foam to provide a comfortable sitting, not all users may find it comfortable especially those on the higher end of the weight spectrum. Even with that, not all heavy users have sent in their complaints meaning that the chair really holds its own when it comes to comfort.

Verdict / Having tried out many chairs that promise a unique experience, the Turismo is one of the few that lives up to that billing. Although the chair may not be the exact replica of what you get in a Turismo car, the level of comfort easily matches what the cars offer. It is worth the price at which it comes at since it offers more features for a medium price. It is one of the chairs you can get for your office and it will still serve as your gaming chair, relaxation chair, reading chair and many more purposes.

Turismo Racing Ancora Series Gaming Chair Black

Introduction to Turismo Racing Ancora Series Gaming Chair Review

Turismo Racing Ancora Series Gaming Chair Black

Most of the reviews about multi purpose chairs focus on how they can serve the needs of different users. Using the same criteria on the Turismo chair would place it way above the rest. In terms of comfort, price, adjustability and other features, the Turismo chair is a solid contender of the best multi purpose chair available. Given that it can support up to 350 pounds, it just clearly a strong chair since most users fall into that category. In this review, the chair managed to withstand some abuse without showing any signs of strain.


You can have this chair for about $218 which is a mid-range pricing point. For its features, this price is among the lowest you will get. Given its sturdy build and great looks, you can rarely get it at a better price than this. To most buyers, this price point is not too much as they can get their money’s worth of features.


  • A race car design that gives it great looks.
  • Ergonomic design to provide the ultimate comfort.
  • High backrest that provides extra support to the neck and back.
  • Many adjustment positions for the backrest, the arms, and the height.
  • Sturdy design to provide support for up to 350 pounds of weight.

Turismo Racing Ancora Series Gaming Chair Review Conclusion

The Turismo chair is arguably one of the best you can get given its quality and pricing. With one of the most iconic design philosophies, this chair will give you your value for money. Although some users report of having discomfort using this chair, it is still one of the best when it comes to comfort and design. Rarely do you come across a chair that scores many firsts in all the categories it competes in.

Turismo Racing Ancora Series Gaming Chair Black