Good / TorGuard has taken special care to craft an amazing VPN product with litttle room for weakness. They have a support team that works 24/7 as well as consistent polish across every app and platform that delivers high speeds and remarkable security.

Bad / Most clients look drab and need some sort of visual update to give TorGuard a more flashy/modern feel.

Verdict / Loaded with tons of security features while maintaining user accessibility–TorGuard sits as one of the top VPNs in the competitive VPN marketplace with consistent updates, great live chat, and plenty of apps for a cheap $29.99 6 month plan.>


TorGuard Review


TorGuard Review

TorGuard’s pricing–for the most part, is very standard. If you choose the one month model, you pay $9.99. It’s $19.99 for three months, $29.99 for six months, and an annual subscription is $59.99.The best deal here–when compared to competitors, is the six-month model. The 6-month plan is cheapest you can find for six months!

TorGuard offers a great no hassle refund policy which we found to be true. They refunded us within a day, and they are also one of the few VPN providers to offer various forms of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Altcoin–, etc.) as well as gift cards as a payment option.

Overall TorGuard isn’t the cheapest VPN out there per month, but we loved their affordable six-month plan, great payment options, and refund policy.


TorGuard Review
TorGuard’s software, while not pretty, has more functionality and features than almost any VPN provider we’ve taken a look at. If you need a security feature, TorGuard has it in its robust settings.

Within TorGuard’s Lite client, you can find things like DNS +IPv6 + WebRTC leak protection toggling, dedicated IP address integration, server favoriting, proxy integration, network + app kill switch, script integration, and a variety of auto-connect features.

Kill switches are useful for torrenting, and the embedded leak protection ensures none of your data gets outside of the virtual private network. Other things like IP address integration make it easy to use a dedicated IP.

TorGuard Review

Besides all of these useful features, we found TorGuard easy to use. These features are tucked away neatly in the settings, which makes connecting is mostly a simple affair that only requires you to pick a location and then you can connect. This means that TorGuard is perfect for entry level VPN users and advanced users alike.

TorGuard’s mobile app is very similar to the PC app which means it works well. You’ll find the same interface, and you just pick a server and connect. TorGuard also offers proxy extensions which can be useful if you don’t want to install a VPN client onto your computer. Or they also offer encrypted email services if you want to protect your email from Google’s prying eyes.

Customer Support

You might not immediately think Customer support should be a mandatory subject to cover when reviewing a VPN or when considering to buy it, but a company’s customer support is directly related to how you are treated as a customer.

Does your VPN refuse to give you a refund? Does it cut your time short? Can they help you with issues? Do they have a live chat or do you have to wait an entire day to receive an answer to a question? All of these things need to be considered when purchasing your VPN.

TorGuard’s customer support–as we found it–is the best around. They have 24/7 live chat–which alone, is almost unheard of except for a few other VPN providers. In addition, they have multiple support agents, guides, and an actual forum community with active users.

While other VPN providers like VPNBaron might refuse to give Bitcoin refunds, you can make sure that if you aren’t happy with TorGuard, you can get a refund without going through loopholes.


TorGuard has over 1600+ servers in 42+ locations around the world. We tested some nearby locations and found speeds very quick–and what impressed us the most was that these speeds held their ground even against the meatiest torrent downloads. Often, you’ll find that a VPN does find in a speed test but fails horribly when tested in a real world situation.

TorGuard Review Conclusion

TorGuard is the best VPN in 2016–no questions asked. While this might surprise you, you will find that using the service itself won’t. There aren’t any areas to troubleshoot, or mess up your speeds, or even hurt your streaming and torrenting. Everything just works!