Good / Well designed replica of Ferrari 458 Spider’s steering wheel, makes this model stand out as far as entry level wheels go.

Bad / Uses a bungee system instead of a force feedback system. Don’t expect this to last as long as more expensive racing wheels.

Verdict / While it doesn’t have a force feedback system, this is a great wheel if you are looking to get started with racing peripherals. Thrustmaster does a good overall job with their wheel quality.

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Racing Wheel Review

Intro to Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel for Xbox One Review

When you think of an entry level racing wheel, one that is priced at only $100 (which is cheap as far as racing wheels go) you probably picture an uninspired design of plain black plastic. In most cases you would be correct, but not for the Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel from Thrustmaster.

This wheel is a replica of Ferrari 458 Spider’s racing wheel and features red textured grips, which makes it stand out from the increasingly crowded field of entry level racing wheels. Still a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks, so is this wheel worth the money? We think it is, and we’ll tell you why in this review.




  • 28 cm diameter, 7/10 replica of the Ferrari 458 Spider’s racing wheel
  • Two red textured rubber grips
  • Pedal set included
  • 240 Degree rotation angle


Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Racing Wheel Review

Attractive and comfortable design: For an entry level wheel, a lot when into its design and construction. It feels solid, and the rubber grips make for a more realistic feel and hold on the wheel.

No need to mount wheel: Because of their motor systems and vibrations, you almost always need to hard mount a force feedback racing wheel. However, this wheel uses a bungee system, so the lack of a force feedback system means this wheel can be easily taken anywhere.

240 Degree rotation angle with adjustable steering sensitivity: Many wheels in this price level only offer 180 degrees of rotation, so the 240-degree rotation available on this wheel is refreshing and allows for better control. The steering sensitivity is adjustable, so you are not stuck with the default settings.


Not a force feedback system: Thrustmaster can keep the price low on this model by not including their force feedback system. While the bungee system used by this wheel isn’t terrible, as far bungee systems go anyways. You are not going to get anything like the experience you would get from the responsive vibrations you would get out of force feedback.

Not as durable as other Thrustmaster wheels: There have been some reports of this wheel breaking down after a few months use. While your experience may vary, do not expect this wheel to take the beating that Thrustmaster’s more expensive force feedback wheels can take.

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel Review Conclusion

There’s no reason you can’t have fun with a racing game wheel even on a budget. But if you are going to spend any money, at least make sure you are getting a decent level of quality.

Thrustmaster is known for their high-quality racing wheels, and this quality translates into even their entry level wheels. While the lack of a force feedback system means this wheel doesn’t quite deliver a fully immersive gaming experience, the steering system on this wheel means you can have much more fun than using a regular controller.

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Racing Wheel Review