Good / The stylish yet affordable Redlink Bluetooth 4.1 headphones are super comfortable, provide good audio and have decent battery life. Bluetooth connection is very stable and reliable. 
Bad / The Redlink Bluetooth 4.1 headphones have a bit of a learning curve when adjusting them to fit properly. It’s also a bit tricky to use the button until you get the hang of it. 
Verdict / The Redlink Bluetooth 4.1 headphones are the most well-rounded Bluetooth headphones you can find for such a low price. 

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Redlink Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones Review

The Redlink Bluetooth 4.1 headphones have good reception on Amazon. They initially drove my purchase since they have a sweet looking color scheme and a sleekness I haven’t seen in other headphones around the $20-30 price point. Are these headphones all that they are cracked up to be?


The Redlink Bluetooth 4.1 headphones are $19.99 on Amazon right now.The product is marketed to be ideal for sports, battery performance, device compatibility, and their unique design. I think they are priced very well, and I’ll tell you why in the next review categories.


Redlink Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones Review

The Redlink Bluetooth 4.1 headphones have a similar design when compared with other wireless sports headphones. They go in the ear, with a little soft tab that fits around your ear. At first, it’s very tricky to get them in, and it also becomes tricky to control them once they are in your ear. Thankfully, after only a week, I’ve finally mastered the subtle hand movements and the ideal position of the headphones so that they can be easily controlled and worn.

The main thing I like about the headphones is that they have a fresh color scheme (charcoal gray and bright red) and the loop that hangs around the back of your neck isn’t very noticeable. However, the actual headphone part does jut out forward a bit, but this is OK because without this forward part you wouldn’t be able to control the audio.

Speaking of controls, the Redlink’s biggest design fault is the core button that you use to control the headphones. The reason the headphones are hard to control is that the central button rests on top of the earbud.

You press inward, and if you aren’t careful, you can force the bud to pressure in against into your ear which feels quite uncomfortable. You need to grip the side of the headphones and push the button without any force. By using the outside of the headphones to hold your grip, you can then quickly turn the headphones off, pause your audio, and then resume it.

Thankfully, you can control the sound without having to use the same button, but it is a bit annoying to turn the headphones on and off since you have to hold down the button for so long. I think Redlink could have done much better by adding an on/off button somewhere on the headphones.

While the lack of an on/off button is annoying, the main button that you do have to press is surprisingly clicky. It doesn’t feel like a cheap button, so it can be strangely satisfying to use it.


Redlink Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones Review

The Redlink Bluetooth 4.1 headphones deliver on all of their promises. I liked using them when running, but they did slip around a little bit requiring adjustment every once in awhile.

Battery life is OK–but not as good as some other neckband headphones I’ve tried. However, they do charge quite fast.

The Bluetooth connection with the Redlink Bluetooth 4.1 headphones is excellent. Just connect, turn the headphones on, and you’ll always be connected and ready to control whatever audio app you need. Some other headphones I’ve reviewed in a similar price range can have connectivity issues, but I haven’t experienced any with the Redlink Bluetooth 4.1 headphones.

The only thing that sucks about the Redlink Bluetooth 4.1 headphones is that you can’t actually “summon” Siri since holding down the button just turns off the headphones or turns on the sync mode–whereas other headphones let you control Siri just by holding down the main button for a bit. I think it’s different here since the headphones don’t have a dedicated on/off switch.


Compared to other Bluetooth headphones in the same price range, I found that the Redlink Bluetooth 4.1 headphones had the best sound quality. They don’t have as good as a seal, but the way they go in your ear feels fine and produces good bass. Every time I listen to the Redlink Bluetooth 4.1 headphones, I’m surprised how good they sound for $19.99 Bluetooth headphones.


The Redlink Bluetooth 4.1 headphones are a great pair of Bluetooth headphones for the price. They are quite comfortable, stay in for runs, have decent battery, amazing sound quality, and they have a stylish color design. Just keep in mind that the button to control the headphones has a bit of a learning curve, so you don’t jam the earbuds straight into your brain.