Verdict “Too sleek, too reliable”
Good / The Deathadder feels sleek and premium reflecting great build quality. It has sleek grips, and the corded cable is very durable. The design feels made for twitch-based games like FPS.
Bad / Grip requires you to hold the mouse sideways. Missing utility and buttons of other mice for MMORPG gaming. 
Verdict / If you don’t mind a slim grip without much hand support–or if you’re a hardcore FPS gamer that needs a sleek mouse with excellent durability–the Razer DeathAdder could be the right choice.

The Razer DeathAdder is applauded everywhere for being the best gaming mouse on the market. In a lot of ways, it’s helped pioneer gaming mouse design as you can find many other competitors copying the design of the mouse into their hardware.

But does that mean that the Razer DeathAdder still holds up in 2016 and beyond–or are there better alternatives on the market? Maybe this mouse might just not suit you depending on your user preferences.

In this Razer DeathAdder review, we will take an in-depth look at the mouse to determine if it’s worth your purchase.

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Razer DeathAdder Review

Look and Feel

Razer DeathAdder Review

The Razer DeathAdder has the same Razer design that you might expect. It’s bright green coloring that glows paired by textured plastic that we like. The material doesn’t attract grime quickly, and the side grips are pleasantly grippy without being sticky.

My primary concern with the Razer DeathAdder’s design is the ergonomics of the device. Razer claims that the device is made to be ergonomic, but it’s hard to get your hand comfortable on the mouse.

Either you can enclose the mouse completely with your hand (which makes it more difficult to click on the buttons or use the side ones), or you can have you hand adjusted towards the front in a more of a claw grip to click easier and access the buttons. The classic claw grip leaves a lot of your hand unsupported and requires more wrist movements which can cause fatigue after prolonged use.

Razer DeathAdder Review

Concerning the ergonomics, you will either love or hate it. I find that the design is quite polarizing whereas something like the Naga feels more suited to creating a natural ergonomic grip while the Razer DeathAdder feels like something you have to puzzle and figure out while you go along even if you never find “exactly” what kind of grip the mouse wants.

There’s more room to use the mouse how you want, but the sleek design and curve means there’s just less mouse to grip to feel comfortable.

You can always purchase the product on Amazon and try it out and then return it, but if you’ve have concerns about how comfortable mice are in the past (I prefer the grip of mice like the earlier Logitech mice), I’d pass on the Razer DeathAdder and go with something else.

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Over my year-long test of the Razer DeathAdder, I didn’t have any major issues with the mouse. I did encounter some problems where the mouse might spaz out in a game or something, but besides that, the click buttons and side buttons have held up. The mouse–for the most part (the grip wears off with time) feels brand new. In addition, the buttons on the side have stayed quite clicky and work well.

Worth the price?

The Razer DeathAdder has held a $60 price tag for a steady couple of years. The consistent price means that people are still buying the mouse and that they value it. With its sleek snake-like design and durability, it could be the right mouse for you. 

However, keep in mind that the minimalistic design decisions could make the mouse less comfortable than some other mice that offer more emphasis on giving you something to grip, rest, and hold.

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