Good / This is one of the few chairs in this price range that taller and bigger people find comfortable. It’s also got a sweet look and cool style. It can also fold up!

Bad / No subwoofer means less powerful sound system (AKA this is not a 2.1 sounds system). Since the chair is so cheap, it’s likely not the best in terms of comfort.

Verdict / While it doesn’t feature a powerful sound system, this chair shines regarding comfort and usability at a lower price.

Proxelle Video Game Chair Review

Intro to Proxelle Video Game Chair

In the world of video game peripherals, there’s a product for nearly every price range. If you want to splurge, there are a ton of high-end products out there, and if you want to be more conservative in your spending, you can find some hidden gems among the lower/entry priced items.

In this Proxelle Video Game Chair review, we will be looking at one of these lower priced but still quality items in the sphere of gaming chairs: the Proxelle Video Game Chair.


List price: $150.00
Amazon price: $124.99


Proxelle Video Game Chair Review

  • Full compatibility with PS4/PS3/PS2
  • Xbox One/Xbox 360/Nintendo Wii
  • TV, DVD, iPod, iPhone Android and MP3
  • Two 3W speakers
  • Foldable for easy storage


High back means more comfort: One surprising thing about this chair is the amount of back support it provides. Usually, this is one area where chairs in this price range fall short. Even taller and heavier users have been able to game comfortably in this chair.

Compatible with a wide range of devices: This chair is designed for maximum compatibility with all gaming consoles, other devices like, iPhone and Android products. So whether you game on PS4, Xbox One or you just want to listen to your iTunes playlist, this chair has you covered.

The chair is foldable for easy storage: Need to make some extra space? This chair has the neat feature of being foldable so you can tuck it away when not using it for more room and less clutter in your gaming space.


No subwoofer means less powerful sound: We should note that this chair does not feature the most powerful sound system out there. For instance, this chair has two 3W speakers, but no subwoofer, which means a less complete sound without pronounced bass. Some users have found that the speaker simply do not get loud enough.

No arm rests and lack of extra features for comfort: The chair has a sleek and minimalist design, which can either be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it. If you feel you need arm rests this chair is not for you. Also, there are not many adjustments you can make to this chair, so if it feels uncomfortable to you when first sitting on it, don’t expect this to change.

Proxelle Video Game Chair Review Conclusion

Remember that one of the most important features of a gaming chair (really any chair), is just simply to be comfortable and support your back. In that regard, this chair shines amongst its peers in this price range.

Its high back provides support even if you’re tall, and its material is comfortable and supportive. Where this gaming chair doesn’t shine is in its sound system. While it’s still a step up from smaller TV speakers, this sound system is fairly basic and not going to blow anyone’s mind. With that being said, for the $150 and under price range this chair is still a winner.

Proxelle Video Game Chair Review