Good / Great chair with various adjustment positions for the back and height for the best comfort on the market. Comes with lumbar support for the user to prevent back pain resulting from long hours of office work. The fabric resists stains making it easier to keep clean. The price is also quite low compared to others in its class.

Bad / No arms for the chair. Also, no mechanism such as holes exists to fit in the arms. For some, it may be a bit pricier than what other seats go for in its class. However, the OFM Posture Series chair packs many simple features to make it a great buy.

Verdict / At its price, the OFM Posture Series chair is a great buy as it comes with a few neat features that can only be found in seats with a more premium price offering. This seat has been put to the test with great results. For those intending to sit up all day working or just relaxing, this is one of the top choices to make.

OFM Posture Series Review

Intro OFM Posture Series Review

For office workers, sitting up all-day eventually takes a toll on the back. Even doctors advise that one considers a good chair to support the lower back when sitting up all day. It may come as a surprise, but this simple-looking chair has all the bells and whistles to do exactly that. It lacks the arms to rest on, but that duty is often shared between a chair and its companion desk.

In that regard, therefore, the OFM Posture series can be forgiven for lacking arms (or the mechanism to fit them). This chair is also light and easy to move about the office or home. Better yet, it comes with five wheels that provide ease of movement and stability when in use. The fabric for the seat has also been created to resist stains to keep the seat looking clean for a long period.


On Amazon, the OFM Posture series chair is listed for $107.99 which is not much considering the features that come with this chair. At that price, one can rarely obtain seats with better features than what the OFM Posture series has on offer. Although there are competing chairs at half the price, the lumbar support misses in the cheaper seats thus justifying the price point for the OFM Posture series chair.


  • Carries up to 250 pounds.
  • The swivel allows for a complete 360 degrees.
  • The base is made of 5 25” arms with casters for stability
  • Lumbar support built in.
  • Can be adjusted in various ways to achieve different back pitch adjustments, back height, and even the seat height.


There are many good things one finds with the OFM Posture series chair. First on the list is the fabric that resists stains to keep the seat clean for long. Then there is the ability to support up to 250 pounds.

Most users weigh so much less than that meaning that the seat will hold its own against weight. The 360-degree swivel makes it easy to move about on a large desk and even cover short distances in the office or home. The base of the chair is also fitted with five long arms that have wheels at each end for stability purposes.

Probably the most important aspect about this chair is the ability to support the lower back of the user. Together with various adjustment positions for the back and right of the chair, the chair is among the best in its class.


Unless one needs the extra features, there are seats at half the price with considerable back support. The lack of arms is also a turnoff for some users.


The OFM Posture series chair is a budget chair that will keep your back from aching when seated at the desk for long periods of time.

OFM Posture Series Review