The Good / The Office Factor Black Executive Ergonomic Office Chair has a cool design, and the seat is decently padded.
The Bad / The chair lacks some important adjustments to make it redeemable as an “ergonomic” chair. Some critics of the chair find the height is too tall and that the back design isn’t super comfortable.
The Verdict / If you want something different, the Office Factor Black Executive Ergonomic Office Chair is an okay choice. However, I think something like the OFM Posture Series chair might be a better cheaper alternative or something more slightly expensive like the HON BAYSX chair could be a smarter investment.


Intro Office Factor Black Executive Ergonomic Office Chair Review

If you’re looking for a cheap ergonomic chair on Amazon, you might have come across the Office Factor Black Executive Ergonomic Office Chair. This chair has a seemingly ergonomic design, and it looks very similar to the Herman Miller Mirra chair.

However, the chair is quite cheap, so is it a good chair–or just another cheap chair on Amazon claiming to be “ergonomic”? In this Office Factor Black Executive Ergonomic Office Chair review, I’ll be giving you the answers that you need before you make a purchase you might regret!


The Office Factor Black Executive Ergonomic Office Chair is $149 on Amazon, available with prime shipping. This is a decent price point for an office chair, but we’ve seen some closer to the $100 mark with similar features, like the OFM Posture Series for $111, and other chairs slightly above this price point like the BASYX $210–have more features for not much more money. For $149, we’ll examine what this chair can provide for you.

Comfort / Features

The Office Factor Black Executive Ergonomic Office Chair claims to be ergonomic, and for a chair to be ergonomic, it has to have some features. It has to have a ton of adjustments, ergonomic design, and lasting durability. The only way to get all of these features guaranteed is to purchase a chair like the Steelcase Leap, but let’s see what this chair does have for $149.

Unfortunately, not much. However, the Office Factor Black Executive Ergonomic Office Chair does has a few key features–like arms that can swivel out of the way, a back tilt lock control, and height adjustment.

This means you can get the chair at a decent height and lock the back recline the way you want (but even upon reading reviews a lot of users complain that the chair doesn’t actually go low enough even for tall users), but the seat will tilt upward which means your knees will not be parallel to your hips which are the optimal ergonomic position.

If you love using armrests, you’ll need to fix your table at the right position that these arms are at, since they aren’t adjustable side to side or in typical ways that armrests are like up and down. If you want your arms closer together or wider apart, that won’t be an option here.

The chair doesn’t feature an adjustable seat cushion either, which means that if you have very long legs the seat might be too short, or if you have short legs, it might be too long. Most high-end ergonomic chairs and some other variants that I mentioned already like HON chairs all let you adjust the seat in this fashion.

The most ergonomic “thing” about this chair seems to be the backrest. It has many slits which suggest its breathable, and it does look modern and interesting. However, many Amazon users find that the backrest isn’t very comfortable at all. The design certainly looks like it could be comfortable, but the nontraditional design might take some getting use to, and might not be for everyone.

Office Factor Black Executive Ergonomic Office Chair Review Conclusion

The Office Factor Black Executive Ergonomic Office Chair is a popular chair on Amazon with generally favorable reviews. It has an interesting design that looks very ergonomic and modern.

However, for the chair’s price, I would have liked to see more adjustments seen in some other chairs around the same price as well as an adjustable lumbar support. If you want a chair that looks different from other competitors, this could be an option. However, a lot of users find that the chair can’t get low enough, so I would caution you to get this chair if you are a shorter user.


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