Good / Adjustable wheels and height. A recline locking system. Adjustable footrest for extra comfort. Ergonomic design that allows for various sitting positions. Various adjustment angles. Four gorgeous colors to choose from. A PU cover of high quality for longevity as it is resistant to fading and can be easily cleaned. A recline locking system that ensures safety when reclining at great angles.

Bad / No rocking motion which is a big missing point in a chair of this caliber. Some users report missing lumbar pillows even when the manufacturer promises a lumbar pillow. The rocking motion may not be a factor to some customers given that many other features exist to make up for that. Even better is the price point which already does the chair justice.

Verdict / In the class of chairs that are meant to go beyond the basics yet have a bargain price, the Merax racing style chair does a great job of standing out. With a price close to $200, the chair is a commendable option for those on a budget but seeking the extras in a chair that can be used for gaming or working.

Merax Racing Style Chair Review

Introduction to Merax Racing Style Chair Review

The Merax racing style chair is a unique chair given that it offers more than what you get in a normal chair. While other chairs in the same class go for comfort and simplicity, the Merax chair goes for these two features and much more. While it offers extras such as a reclining mechanism and support for the head and the lumbar, the chair is still very simple to use. It can be adjusted to the needed position while remaining safe to use even when flat as a bed. In the regards of comfort, ease of adjustment and price,this chair scores good marks in comparison to others.


For $203.99, this chair is on the lower side of the price spectrum. The obvious expectation would be that it is not as full of features as other more expensive seats are. However, the chair feels solid and comfortable to use especially when combined with the lumbar and neck pillows. The many adjustment positions also lend an additional point on the features side.


  • Some of the features of this chair include;
  • Adjustable footrest for relaxation sessions.
  • A recline system with a locking mechanism for safety.
  • The cover is made of high quality PU material that lasts longer and is easier to clean compared to other materials.
  • Comes in slate gray, pacific blue, golden yellow and magma red colors.
  • Spacious and thick seating pad for comfort.
  • Can tilt from 90° to 180° while still stable and comfortable.
  • Lumbar and head support for added comfort.
  • The wheels and the height can be easily adjusted to find the perfect sitting posture.

Merax Racing Style Chair Review Conclusion

In all the tests the chair was put through, it performed exemplary. The best thing about this chair is the approach it has on ergonomics. First is the adjustable footrest which can allow you to sit with your legs stretched before you. Then there is the ability to adjust the chair to a complete flat look at 180°. These aspects make the chair one of the best when pitted against the others in the same class.

Merax Racing Style Chair Review