The Good / The Merax Gaming Chair is a new bucket styled chair on Amazon with great reviews and decent adjustable features for the price.
The Bad / The Merax Racing Chair, while cheap, can’t really be recommended as an ergonomic chair without more adjustable features. I would check out the Furmax Gaming Chair if you want arms that can swivel, or the OFM Posture Series chair if you want something more traditionally ergonomic for a good price.
The Verdict / The Merax Gaming Chair is a decent low-priced bucket styled gaming chair with mandatory adjustment features, but it’s not made or big or tall users.

Merax Racing Chair Review


The Merax Racing Chair is $79 on Amazon, which is a low price for a comfortable office chair. The Merax Racing Chair has a chair style similar to more expensive chairs like the DXRacer lineup (here’s a great guide on them).

While the chair isn’t exactly an ergonomic chair like the Steelcase Leap, it could still be a good introductory gaming chair. In this Merax Racing Chair Review, I’ll check out the comfort and features of the chair to help you decide if it’s worth a $79.99 purchase.

Comfort / Features

Merax Racing Chair Review

The Merax Racing Chair has a few cool features like height adjustment, tilt lock, and tension control. Most chairs do have height adjustment and tilt lock, but it’s nice to see a tension control which lets you control how much “push back” the chair has.

However, this tension control is underneath the chair, and in my experience, these levers are very tricky to use and don’t work that well.Besides the basic mandatory adjustments, the chair features polyurethane leather as well as armrests. However, you can’t adjust or swivel the armrests out of the way.

The chair is decently padded, but not much more than a normal office chair. The design looks cooler, and I like how the chair has some lumbar support as well as a slant to make it more ergonomic.

Merax Racing Chair Review Conclusion

Merax Racing Chair Review

The Merax Racing Chair has a decent design, but it’s not different than the hundred of other gaming chairs sold on Amazon that look and perform nearly identical. I think I actually prefer the design of this similar Merax Gaming Chair here.

Without adjustable lumbar support, arms, or other ergonomic control functions, the chair won’t fit everyone. It’s probably a good fit if you’re an average height and weight, but I wouldn’t recommend the chair for tall users or heavier users.

And finally, if you want a chair that has more adjustable arms, I’d check out the Furmax Gaming Chair since you can swivel them out of the way, and the rest of the chair is similar.

Merax Racing Chair Review