Verdict “Wide and squat–uncomfortable, but easy to use.” 
Good / The G600 is affordable, and the buttons have shorter learning curve than the Naga. 
Bad / Some users and myself included find the mouse too wide to be comfortable. 
Verdict /  If you are on a budget and want the cheapest MMORPG mouse for your money–buy the Logitech G600–just keep in mind that you need a wide grip to find the mouse comfortable.

The Logitech G600 is Logitech’s answer to the Razer Naga. We wrote our review of the Razer Naga here, and in this review, and the Razer Naga review, we draw lots of comparisons between the two mice since they are virtually identical. Which is the better mouse for you?

While primarily suited for use in MMORPG games that require or would benefit from an additional 12 buttons, the G600 can be used for other games since Logitech claims it’s built for comfort and made for PC gaming in general.

However despite Logitech’s claims, is the G600 really the type of mouse you would want if you aren’t playing a game like World of Warcraft? Or even if you are, is it the best option on the market right now? Keep reading to  find out in this Logitech G600 review!


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Logitech G600 Review

Look and Feel

Logitech G600 Review

The Logitech G600 is one of the widest mice you can find. Using this mouse simply requires an extremely wide palm grip–so if you use claw grip or something in between I’d recommend checking out something like the Razer Naga instead which is a bit slimmer and easier to adjust to. The funny thing is that the Logitech G600 is actually lighter overall than the Naga. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s more comfortable.

Buttons  on the side of the mouse are different than the counterpart Razer Naga. For one, the suit is larger–about 133% bigger. Instead of a slight curve that your finger can rest on, the G600 has a design more suited to help you recognize the buttons themselves. The first three keys are tilted at an angle, and the next three are tilted at an opposite angle which makes it easy to differentiate between the buttons.

Logitech G600 Review

The Logitech G600’s buttons on the side feel a bit more squishy than clicky like the Razer Naga. However, this button layout also makes the upper tier buttons a bit harder to press quickly on the G600. If you want quick access, pick the Naga, but if you want it to be a bit easier to remember and function, consider the G600.

One core differentiation on the G600 is that you rest your finger on the actual button whereas the Naga you use  your ring finger as more of a grip. After extended use, you’ll find that you can get use to it. However, while I tested out the mouse I found that my pinky could get as comfortable on the mouse as it could on the Naga. Again, if you’re use to claw grip, you might have an easier transition with the Razer Naga.  I found the Logitech G600 much to squat and wide for comfort. 

The G600 has a textured plastic feel similar to some other Logitech products, while the Naga has more of a rubberized skin.

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The Logitech G600 is a durable product, and when you’re hefting it in your hand–it feels like you could almost club someone over the head with it. The cable is strong and sturdy, and using the mouse long term shouldn’t be an issue. There have been some reports that the G600 is more reliable long term than the Naga, but from personal use, I would rate the mice similar in terms of durability and build quality long term.


Logitech has a decent software suite. Overall, you shouldn’t have to fuss with it too much unless you want to customize certain settings or use different profiles. It’s easy to use and operate, even if I’ve had some bad glitches with other Logitech peripherals like amazing yet frustrating Logitech G13.

Worth the price?

Logitech G600 Review

Is the Logitech G600 worth the price compared to the Razer Naga? The Logitech G600 retails at around $39.99, which is almost half the price of the Naga’s $59.99 price tag. If you’re on a budget, I would recommend checking out the Logitech G600 only if you think you could handle a super wide grip.

In addition, you might also want to consider how important the button characteristics are. With the Logitech G600, you will have an easier time learning keybindings, but the Naga’s buttons are easier to access and give you a better grip on the mouse.

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