Good / Works great with a wide variety of Xbox One racing games. A solid construction at a reasonable price.

Bad / A bit pricey, but premium materials and features make it worth it.

Verdict / The Logitech Driving Force G920 Racing Wheel has been designated as being the preferred mid-level priced wheel for the Xbox gaming console for a good reason. It has a solid force feedback system that works well with pretty much all Xbox One racing games.

Logitech Driving Force G920 Review


$367.52 for Wheel Set
$419.06 for Wheel Set + Add-on Shifter


-Wheel cased in real hand-stitched leather
-Dual-motor force feedback
-3 Pedal floor set included
-Easy access game controls


Logitech Driving Force G920 Review

Designed specifically with the Xbox One in mind

You can find a number of third party controllers that advertise themselves as being able to work with any gaming console. However, you will often find yourself making some compromises with these types of controllers. T

hey may have poor build quality, or they may not be as fully compatible with your gaming system as they claim to be. This wheel is built from the ground up to be Xbox One compatible, meaning you can get the full range of control that you would get out of an Xbox controller.

Good Buttons

The buttons and D-pad featured on this racing wheel are exact replicas as those found on a stock Xbox One controller. The wheel feels and performs very well: This wheel isn’t the usual hunk of plastic you might expect from a mid-level racing wheel. Inside the wheel, shaft

Good Performance

Logitech Driving Force G920 Review

The wheel feels and performs very well. This wheel isn’t the usual hunk of plastic you might expect from a mid-level racing wheel. Inside the wheel, shaft are solid steel ball bearings and helical gears designed to give you a smooth experience.

On the surface of the wheel is quality hand-stitched leather, which not only feels nicer than plastic but gives you a good grip and realistic steering wheel feel. The wheel also has 900 degrees of rotation, which is the range of motion you will find in real cars. A solid wheel construction goes a long way in enhancing the responsiveness and realistic feel of a force feedback system.

Metal Pedals

The G920 has metal petals that give you resistance while you use the breaks and gas levers. Some cheaper models only include 2 pedals, but the G920 has three.


Bright LED Power indicator light: While it may seem like somewhat of a trivial concern, it has been brought up too many times by other users to ignore. Basically, this wheel has a really bright indicator light that can be annoying.

It’s out the way while you are driving, but it is bright enough to be a nuisance if you leave the wheel on at night, or if you happen to look right at it in the middle of a game.

Review Conclusion

Overall, this wheel offers a solid construction, along with a dual motor force feedback system, to make it a good choice if you are looking for a quality Xbox One racing wheel controller at a reasonable price.

The hand-stitched leather on the wheel and the solid steel ball bearings on the wheel shaft add durability. Its Xbox specific design, along with easily accessible Xbox control buttons, means Xbox One users can get the most out of their racing games.Logitech Driving Force G920 Review