Good / LiveChat Inc is very easy to use even for users looking to use live chat for the first time. Unsurprisingly, the company also has their own supported live chat with great support.
Bad / Some emails reporting performance can get a bit annoying.
Verdict / LiveChat is an excellent live chat software perfect for businesses and clients looking to break into the live chat model. With an administrative interface that is full-featured and easy to use, it’s a no-brainer to check out LiveChat’s free trial and affordable pricing plans.


LiveChat Inc Review

LiveChat Review


LiveChat starts out at $16 per seat a month for the starter. For this plan, you are billed $19 a month. The starter plan includes all of the basics like 60-day chat history, basic chat customization, ticketing system, and data security.

The next plan is the regular plan for $30 a seat a month. The regular plan from LiveChat includes everything in the basic plan but adds unlimited chat history, basic reporting, as well as full chat customization.

Next, you have what LiveChat considers the most popular option–the team option, which costs $33 per seat a month. The difference here is that you get agent groups and multiple branding options.

Second to last you have LiveChat’s enterprise option which is $50 a seat a month. The Enterprise option includes the team features with the addition of staffing prediction, and a work scheduler.

Lastly, you have LiveChat’s Enterprise Plus solution which builds on the Enterprise model with a dedicated acct. Manager, product training, software engineer support, security assistance, and single sign-on.

Depending on your business needs, you can pick the most suitable.

Integration / Ease of use

LiveChat Inc Review

One of our favorite things about LiveChat’s software is that you can easily integrate it into WordPress. They have their very own plugin which makes installation SUPER simple. So you don’t have to enter in the code, or talk to your theme developer–just download the plugin from the WP plugin directory, and install it and you’re ready to start chatting.

LiveChat Inc Review

However, keep in mind, that a lot of other live chat companies include similar plugins for WordPress. Given that, LiveChat’s plugin is far away the most popular regarding active installs.

LiveChat has a pleasant administrative interface. It’s easy to navigate between the different tabs and features–and even if you’re unfamiliar with LiveChat as software, you can figure it out. Each tab is self-explanatory, but you do have to navigate to the settings to find the “real meat” of the online app.

LiveChat Inc Review

In the settings you can find some elegant integrations that you have to take advantage of–such as, “canned responses” which let you type out longer replies with easy to remember shortcuts. There’s also tags for support tickets, a neat typing speed test, and other tabs that let you customize your experience.

I love how the customization in the interface is so visual. It shows you what you are changing while you’re changing it so you can give your chat pop-up the exact way you want it. In addition to nice customization features, you can also quickly change pre-chat and post-chat surveys, greetings, and other neat things to make the experience better for customers.

LiveChat Inc Review

As is somewhat customary with live chat software, LiveChat lets you view a good amount of your client’s info–including their real-time location, IP, name, and email.

LiveChat Inc Review

Finally, LiveChat is very focused on being multi-platform. You can find it on desktop, tablet, and smartphones–letting agents help customers on the go and giving customers help on their own time.

LiveChat Review Conclusion

LiveChat has a ton of features, a low price point, and it’s super easy to integrate with WordPress and other content management systems. It also has a lot of platforms, great website design, and a modern feel to it that makes it a pleasure to use. It’s one of the best live chat services out there!