Good / The chair costs just $190 (£149) which is within the reach of most users. Good warranty value of 10 years which is on the upper end of the warranty for most chairs. Offers adjustments to the height of the seat and the backrest for more comfortable positions. Support for the thighs almost to the knees for comfort in long hours of use.

Bad / The general feel of the chair is somehow cheap and stiff with limited adjustments being on offer. For that price, one would expect the seat to have a killer feature or several of them but the chair falls short short of expectations.

Verdict /The simple look of the VOLMAR may be enticing but the price is a deal breaker. For about £45, one can get a chair that offers the same level of comfort and good armrests thrown in. It is not a worthy buy unless one is simply going for the IKEA name. It would be unfair recommending this chair when other chairs with similar features exist with much lower prices.

Better Alternative to Volmar: Alera Chair


Intro to IKEA VOLMAR Review

The market for home and office chairs has grown tremendously to include some very impressive chairs at great prices. The VOLMAR occupies a market niche meant for chairs that are bought for occasional use in the home or office. Few people will make this their primary work or play chair. This niche is occupied by chairs that cost as little as £50 or lower. For that reason, it would be hard buying a chair for £150 when a third of that can get you a decent chair.


The IKEA VOLMAR goes for £149 on the UK store of Amazon. In US dollars, that would be about $190. That price is, to say the truth, reserved for chairs that offer far much more than what the VOLMAR has on offer. Even with a decade-worth of warranty, it still doesn’t warrant the price. The materials are commendable but the features are a disappointment.


  • A warranty of ten years but limited in some areas hence the need to read the instructions well.
  • Adjustable seat depth for a more comfortable feeling.
  • Adjustable seat height and backrest support height which makes it more comfortable.
  • Quality materials that last long.
  • Simple design which is stripped down leaving only the bare aspects of the chair which is the bottom, seat and wheeled base.


The good aspects about this chair include the simple design which leaves out the bare parts of the chair. The back and bottom are the main parts of the chair. Even with the few parts, you can adjust a few aspects about it including the height of the chair and the back support. Besides that, the chair has a warranty for ten good years which is more than what other chairs can offer.


It would be unfair to recommend this chair to the buyer who wants to use for their daily office work be it at the office or home. The reason for this is that the price is too high when the features are considered. Rather than getting this chair, one can go for another one with arms and more features. The only major thing one would be paying for is the IKEA name. Much like the iPhone which offers few but great features at an exorbitant price point, the IKEA VOLMAR follows in those footsteps but falls short in terms features department.


For the most part, this chair is simply meant to decorate the home. You may need to look further if you want a chair for much more than a few relaxation sessions in the lobby. Otherwise, you can have the other options with lower prices.