Good / The Ikea Markus isn’t horribly expensive, and if you are a short user, the chair could be decent.
Bad / If you fall outside of the chair’s extremely limited adjustments, it won’t be a pleasant experience since the non-adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and arms, are all locked permanently.
Verdict / The Ikea Markus isn’t a good chair for the price. You can find better alternatives like the HON BASYX or the Alera Chair which is only around $150.

Ikea Markus Review Intro

I see the Ikea Markus mentioned a lot on Reddit, and on other forums on the internet. It’s one of the most expensive chairs at Ikea, and it has an interesting design, so it makes sense to see people talking about it. However, a large portion of these people hasn’t used the chair–strangely enough, while I have!

However, while you can go to Ikea and get fairly nice tables, lamps, spatulas, or wall murals, is Ikea the best place to go to get a comfortable office chair? In this article, I’m taking a quick look at the Ikea Markus to see if it’s worth using.

Is the Ikea Markus Chair Worth it?

Ikea Markus Mini-Review:

Ikea Markus Review

The Ikea Markus chair costs $179, which is a decently expensive price for an office chair. At this price, you can expect the chair to be almost twice as good as a $50-100 office chair. The fabric of the chair is polyester which is an OK fabric choice. Personally, for me, I spilled something on it a few days in, and the stain was almost impossible to get out, and since I picked the gray version of the Markus, it was bothersome.

The base of the chair feels OK, but the wheels are very noticeably cheap, and they barely roll at all. The frame and the arms feel like strong metal, and the armrests have a nice texture made out of polypropylene which feels smooth.

However, while the materials are nice, the armrests are very far apart, and nonadjustable. You can’t move them up or down, side to side, or swivel them out of the way. For a chair that is $179, that’s disappointing. I had to remove the armrests from the chair since I couldn’t find the right ergonomic situation. Suffice to say; I’ve seen $79 chairs with more adjustable arms than the Markus.

Ikea Markus Review

Leather version costs $199

While the arms and base feel sturdy enough, the seat feels too sturdy. The polyurethane foam used inside the cushion is VERY hard and while it might not get flattened overtime, even just sitting in the chair for a few hours was enough to make my butt sore.

Unfortunately, the backrest of the chair might be the worst part. The entire backrest is made out of mesh, which is breathable, but the lumbar support is nonadjustable and placed very low. You can unzip the back of the chair, but this requires dismantling the entire chair. On the top of the back is the headrest, but the placement can either be horrible (as it was for me) or placed perfectly depending on your height. But even if you are the right height of the chair, it’s not exactly $179 worth of back support.

To be perfectly subjective, this backrest might be much more comfortable for a shorter user, but for taller users, every part of the backrest feels placed wrong. Even when I leaned back the support didn’t feel quite right. The headrest hit me right in the neck, and the lumbar support was too low on my back. But even for shorter users, the materials used are not high quality. I ended up taking the lumbar support out and opening it up to find a cheap layer of foam.

Once I considered the chair, part by part, nothing about it seemed premium or comfortable–just typical Ikea bargain bin stuff priced way too high.

Alternatives to the Ikea Markus Chair?

Ikea Markus Review

So what are some good alternatives to the Ikea Markus chair that are around the same price point or cheaper? My first recommendation would be the BASYX $210. This HON chair has much better lumbar support, and more adjustments than the Markus (arms, seat depth, back tension, etc.).

Another good option could be the Offex HL-0001 $117 if you want a similar mesh chair for a much lower price with more adjustments.