Good / The Hori Racing Wheel is a great price, and it works well with most racing games. It’s a great entry level racing wheel.

Bad / Due to the low price, the quality of the parts isn’t exactly the best. You might find the pedals to be a bit finicky, or that the construction of the wheel doesn’t feel super realistic. In addition, the device is lacking some motor feedback like more expensive models.

Verdict / If you want to get started with more realistic racing, the Hori Racing Wheel Apex is a great start.

HORI Racing Wheel Apex Review

Intro to HORI Racing Wheel Apex Review

If you are a fan of PS 4 racing games, and you don’t already have a racing wheel controller, chances are you have thought about getting one. By adding a better level of realism, and giving you better control than the usual gaming controller can, a racing wheel controller can enhance any gaming experience.  

Wheels vary in style and design. Some can be quite pricey, and there are different levels, from super advanced racing sim setups to more modest wheel controllers. But there’s no need to spend hundreds or even thousands for the best way to enjoy your favorite racing game.

As far as entry level wheels go, it has some the usual features that the lower price wheels will have, like a bungee control system for the wheel control, but it is solidly constructed and offers a lot of customization options. I broke down the good and bad of the HORI Racing Wheel Apex wheel in this review. 


There are some solid choices for racing wheels at around the $100 mark. The HORI Racing Wheel Apex for PlayStation 4/3, and PC is an entry level racing wheel currently priced at $99.99. It is designed with PS3 and PS4 in mind, but it is fully compatible with PC as well.


HORI Racing Wheel Apex Review

The Good

Sturdy wheel construction: The first thing that stands out is the surprisingly solid construction of the wheel. The plastic and rubber materials feel sturdy, and the wheel grips feel comfortable in your hands and will give you a solid hold. It is a 3-spoke design and has a cool sporty look.  

Solid Button construction and options: This wheel features the traditional PlayStation control buttons. Best the thing is, they feel and work just like the PS4’s controller. The buttons are easily accessible, even when you have your hands full with the wheel itself. Aside from the usual PS4 buttons, it has a range of other buttons for even more usability options.

Setting customizations: The out-of-the-box setting isn’t the best because it has a pretty big dead zone, but thankfully this controller comes with a whole range of configuration options, including control over dead zone settings, you can adjust to your liking. There are also navigation modes, sensitivity settings, console modes, and a lot more. With some tweaking, you can get the exact racing experience you want out of this wheel.

HORI Racing Wheel Apex Review
The Bad

Pedal Construction: This is the one area of the controller where the compromises you make by choosing a lower price wheel to become the most obvious. They are very basic; it is apparent that not a lot hours went into their design.

They also just don’t stay put very well. Other reviewers have commented that they work best on carpet or placed against a wall to help keep them in position. They are also a bit on the smaller side, so users with bigger feet may find them a little uncomfortable.  It comes with an optional plastic extension, which makes the pedal look nicer, but don’t add a lot in terms of function.  

Bungee system: It is not surprising that a racing wheel at this price point will have a bungee system instead of a force feedback wheel system. Bungee systems don’t give you quite the same realistic feel as a force feedback does. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a solid performance out of this controller, but it is something to note if you are looking for a wheel controller with force feedback.

Wheel mounting system: Like the pedals, the wheel mounting system doesn’t provide a completely solid hold. It has two ways to mount the wheels- a table clamp and suction cups. The suction cups may not work on all surfaces. The table clamp is solid enough, but you will probably have to re-secure it after longer gaming sessions.

Conclusion of HORI Racing Wheel Apex Review

While the bungee system and pedals may be the wheel’s weakest features, they are not a total deal breaker. The solid construction of the wheel, along with its customization and setting options make this racing wheel able to punch above its price class.

Overall, the HORI Racing Wheel Apex for PlayStation 4/3, and PC is a solid entry level racing wheel for those looking to enter the world of the racing sim or take their racing game experience to the next level.

HORI Racing Wheel Apex Review