The Good / The HON Endorse is a better option than the HON Basyx for bigger or taller users since the seat, and overall fit feels bigger. The chair has plenty of ergonomic adjustments.
The Bad / Some users find that the lumbar support isn’t that comfortable or that the chair isn’t quite as customizable as advertised.
The Verdict / The HON Endorse is an amazing office chair for the price, but you can’t expect miracles for a mid-price chair. It’s certainly better than most office chairs out there, but it is still worth it to spring for the Steelcase Leap if you can. If you’re interested, here’s our Steelcase Leap Review.

HON Endorse Review

Intro to HON Endorse Review

HON has a couple of different chairs that are all high quality. The HON Endorse sits near the top of that list with the HON Nucleus, whereas the HON Basyx (HON Basyx Review) and other chairs are cheaper.

So what extra comfort and features do you get for the more expensive HON chair, the HON Endorse? Let’s check it out in this full HON Endorse review!


The HON Endorse costs $349 for the upholstered back version, and the mesh back version is $391. This is what I would consider a middle of the line price for an office chair. It’s not as cheap as $100-200 chairs, but it’s also half of what I consider to the top price point for the best chairs around $900-1000.

$900-1000 is what you would pay for a brand new Steelcase Leap chair (Steelcase Leap Review). Funny enough, I see a lot of people caring the HON Endorse to chairs like the Herman Miller Aeron or Steelcase, but most people seem to agree while it doesn’t contain the same comfort or quality, it’s still a good chair for the price.

Comfort / Features

The HON Endorse has plenty of features and adjustability. The chair features built-in lumbar support, synchro-tilt, multiple position locks, height/width adjustable 4D arms, and adjustable seat depth.

One of my favorite things about the Endorse is that it presents better options for taller users than something like the HON Basyx. Whereas some users that used the HON Basyx found it a bit too small, since it’s seat isn’t overly large, it doesn’t seem like anyone has the same issues with this chair.

With the Endorse, you can also move the seat panel in and out to the right position to hit your legs, but the seat is bigger. Overall, the Endorse just seems like a bigger chair in general.

You’ll find a bunch of people noticing that the adjustments the chair have–even though some found that the arms were limited in adjustments compared to how the chair is advertised. You can, however, move the armrests up and down and side to side but you can’t tilt them.

The synchro-tilt works well for reclining since the seat pan stays at the same position without putting pressure on your legs when you recline, and the mesh back support is firm and supportive.

Some users found that the lumbar support was too restrictive, and I’ve found this to be true in a lot of office chairs with this sort of lumbar design, and I’ve even found it to be true with the original Herman Miller Aeron, so it’s a subjective thing.

HON Endorse Review

Besides the synchro-tilt, the chair features three lock positions, and one of the most interesting things about the chair is that you can also buy a headrest add-on to go with it. I hate how chairs like the Aeron cost $150 for a headrest, but here, it only costs $56 which is a pretty good deal for attachment.

HON Endorse Review Review Conclusion

The HON Endorse is a great chair if you want to buy a HON chair that is better for a bigger user. It has most of the ergonomic adjustments you need from a chair, and the high-quality mesh and materials used can easily last 5+ years past the standard HON warranty.