Getting yourself a good chair on a budget may always pose a challenge given the number of chairs available for the office and the gaming zone. This review takes a look at the Homall desk and gaming chair.

Good / Very low price for the features it comes with. Made of high quality materials that last long when in use. Can be adjusted in many different ways with ease. The chair can also be put to various uses including gaming, the office, reading and general purposes. Solid enough to support up to 280 pounds of weight with all the adjustment levels being catered for. It is also from a reputable manufacturer who offers great after sells services such as the Homall lifetime exchange warranty that allows for an exchange of the chair with a new one or refund for disliked chairs.

Bad / Among the complaints received from customers is the fact that the chair does not last very long especially when used on a daily basis. However, such cases are far apart and not a concern given that even the strongest of chairs come under pressure when used inappropriately.

Verdict / For its sub-$100 price and the features that come with this chair, it is hard to find a better deal than this one. While there could be an issue with the longevity of the chair given its price point, the price is so low that one can have several of them for each purpose. Also great about the chair is that it is multipurpose in nature. You can thus use it as your office chair, game on it and many other tasks. For those just starting out to buy gaming or desk chairs or those with experience but on a budget, this is as good as it gets.

Homall Gaming Chair Review

Introduction to Homall Gaming Chair Review

Finding a good gaming chair that also doubles up as a desk chair is no easy task. Matters get even more complicated when you are on a tight budget. Most chairs will require lots of money to purchase, are complex to assemble and have low levels of comfort.

With the Homall chair, however, you get all the good things in one place. On top of that, there is the lifetime exchange warranty that covers incidences of installation issues, missing parts, damaged parts and even getting a refund for the chair when you do not like it after the purchase. Offering such a warranty is a sure sign that the company has confidence in its products and knows few customers will be returning them.


Originally, this chair was originally offered by Homall for $149.99 but it is now going for a mere $65.99 which is a deal hard to pass. This price is so low that customers may get skeptical about scooping up the chair for fear of comprise in quality. The thing is that the chair is still of the same good quality and comes with all the features advertised by its manufacturer.


Homall Gaming Chair Review

Among the features that come with these chair include;

  • PU leather on the chair for the ultimate comfort.
  • A 360-degree swivel that enables easy directional movement.
  • Multi-directional wheels that allow movement to any direction.
  • It comes with a rocking function to allow for comfort during busy work and gaming breaks.
  • A load capacity of 280 pounds with seating area dimensions of 20 by 20 inches, a backrest of 20 by 28.3 inches and adjustable seat height of between 18.1 and 21.2 inches.
  • Comes with the Homall lifetime exchange warranty for issues in installation, damage, missing parts and refunds.

Homall Gaming Chair Review Conclusion

For $65.99, you will rarely get a chair worth the praise of a review the way the Homall gaming and office desk chair does. It has an ergonomic look that makes it stand out from the crowd and yet costs very little. Besides the PU leather covering the exterior parts of the chair, there is the breathable mesh on the back and bottom with two cutouts on the back for the best comfort. It is easy to use recommend this chair given the perfect combination features and the price.

Homall Gaming Chair Review