The Good / The Herman Miller Embody is the chair of the future with a design that not only looks incredible but functions comfortably as well. 
The Bad / A lot of people prefer the reclining ability, and better adjustable arms of the Steelcase Leap and some find that the cushioning–while supportive, is too hard. 
The Verdict / The Herman Miller Embody is one of the best ergonomic chairs out there. While it’s expensive, the premium design and obsessive amount of detail placed inside the chair’s construction (back + seat) make it a worthy purchase for those that have a big budget.

Herman Miller Embody Review

Intro to Herman Miller Embody Review

The Herman Miller Embody is probably the most advanced ergonomic chair out right now in the market. It’s also the most expensive. In this Herman Miller Embody review, I’ll go over some of these pricey features and help you decide if the chair is worth the extra dough!


The Herman Miller Embody chair is a pricey $1229. It’s around $300 more than the Steelcase Leap, but I think the chair is a good price for the features and design implemented inside the chair.

Comfort / Features

Herman Miller Embody Review

The Herman Miller Embody  is the coolest looking ergonomic chair out there. Basically, the idea is to show off the chair’s advanced technology. The back is completely open which shows the interlocking pixel design of the backrest that is supposed to support you through movement in every position. Just looking at the chair screams precision and premium quality.

The main back part of the chair has a spine and ribs, and with the adjustable backfit adjustment, you can find the sweet “lumbar spot.” It’s sort of like back tension. In addition, the chair uses a system like synchro-tilt type to let you lean back and forward to stay supported.

Herman Miller Embody Review

Besides the adjustable lumbar control and tilt lock functions, you can also adjust the seat depth to make your leg length, adjust the arms, and height of the chair. The arms aren’t quite as adjustable as the Steelcase Leap chair, however. This arms mainly just go up and down and side to side a bit.

Some users find that the chair’s support is a bit too hard, whereas other users find that the firm support helps their back and posture to remain healthy and supported. Other users find that the Steelcase Leap has better recline ability than the Embody, and this could be the case. I find that the Steelcase brand has perfected recline with the Steelcase Leap dude to the “Natural Glide System” within the chair.

Herman Miller Embody Review Conclusion

The Herman Miller Embody is a great office chair that is perfect for someone wanting something a bit more “flashy.” However, the chair still functions quite well with a long lasting warranty and design made to make long work days a less painful experience.

One thing I wanted to note is that the marketing and details on the chair are a bit fuzzy, and details about the adjustability of the arms as well as the reclining ability aren’t explained clearly. So if you’re a stickler about reclining and you want the best adjustable arms, go for the cheaper Steelcase Leap (Steelcase Leap Review). However, if you can afford the Embody, and you like the style of the chair, I don’t think you’ll regret it.

I almost just want to have this chair to show it off! Herman Miller Embody Review