Google Cardboard came about just when VR was starting to become a buzzword. When I first heard about it, it was on an article telling you how to create your own Google Cardboard to save yourself $10 on plastic, cardboard, and a little paper.

And today, in 2016, the Cardboard-like VR boxes are still selling as introductory VR experiences for around $10-15–with plenty of knockoffs having the same result–with the same core idea–cheap VR made with a foundational cardboard holder that holds your phone. In essence, you build a small cardboard holder that has two lenses. Today we are looking at the idea of Google Cardboard–as well as one right now selling for a decent price on Amazon. 

Google Cardboard VR Review

Your screen displays two images, and the lenses help you converge but images into one image which makes it seem 3D. When you move your head around, your phone’s gyroscope reacts accordingly making it seem like like VR.

The Google Cardboard-like devices are great to experience VR with and share with others. You can splurge a little more and spend $30-50 on other VR headsets on Amazon that pretty much do the same thing with better straps, buttons, etc. 

Google Cardboard VR Review

The only thing is that these more expensive VR experiences sold on Amazon are not intuitive or pleasurable to use. I’ve tested many which are incredibly uncomfortable. Whether they squash your nose, are too tight, or just hard to use–the Google Cardboard represents a simpler, cheaper, and more available experience since it’s more of a “hold to your face” VR experience.

However, if you have a Samsung phone, you might want to look into checking out the Samsung Gear VR, since it’s probably the best mobile VR experience to date.

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