Good /Great comfort with lots of added features such as an electric massager, lumbar cushion and headrest pillow. High quality leather for the best feel and look in the office or gaming zone. High quality materials for the frame and other parts to ensure comfort and durability.

It can be put to various uses owing to various ways of adjustment. The company that offers it also offers great after sales services such as money back guarantee and free replacement within a period of 30 days after buying the seat.

Bad / The chair can be uncomfortable for tall people given that the side bolsters have metal in them. The metal may dig into the sides of a user especially those who are large in size. It may not be a big deal for most users given the cushioning in the chair.

Verdict / For a chair below $200, the Ficmax Ergonomic high-back gaming chair is a great deal for gamers and office users. Most gamers will love it for the sturdiness it offers and the levels of comfort one gets when using it. Most chairs with leather covers use faux leather which easily wears with time. W

ith this chair, however, the leather is of a high quality which ensures that the user enjoys the good look and the great comfort that comes with it. The chair features many levels of adjustment that allows anyone to be comfortable while using it. Whether it’s gaming or working, the chair can be adjusted to fit the exact needs. With a lot of features packed into the chair, the low price makes it a good buy even for those with a large budget.

Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Gaming Chair Review

Introduction to Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Gaming Chair Review

Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Gaming Chair Review

Gaming chairs keep evolving in shape and purpose, it becomes an uphill task to choose the right chair. It even becomes harder when one has a tight budget. Thanks to competition among chair manufacturers, the features that were previously a preserve of the costly chairs have found their way into the low-budget chairs.

With chairs like the Ficmax Ergonomic high-back gaming chair, the term low-budget does not mean that compromising on the quality of the chair any more. With a low price below $200, most gamers will have the opportunity of having a quality chair that does not cost a fortune.


The Ficmax ergonomic high-back gaming chair costs $179.99 on Amazon and other retail platforms. Just a while ago, this price tag would not have given you a gaming chair with half the features it has. Most gamers will agree that finding a chair that gets you through one episode of a game without giving you a backache is no easy task.

Even worse is expecting the same with a chair below $200. However, the reviews for this chair are all great with isolated cases of complaints. The best thing about this chair is that it features a lot of cushioning and adjustments to give the user great comfort.


The best features of the chair include;

  • High quality materials including high density thick sponge that does not collapse with use and a high quality leather that can be easily cleaned and does not fade.
  • The chair offers a USB electric massager, a cushion for the lumbar, a headrest among many others.
  • The swivel can also be turned 360 degrees with a backwards movement of between 90 and 180 degrees.
  • The metal parts of the chair are also durable to ensure the user stays it for a long period without issues.

Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Gaming Chair Review Conclusion

The Ficmax Ergonomic chair is the dream of many gamers looking for a good chair that does not compete with the gaming console in costs. With great reviews and a very low price, one can even pick several of these chairs without breaking the bank. It is a good buy whether for gamers or office users.Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Gaming Chair Review