The Good / The Ergohuman chair is great for users looking to get that “perfect fit.” It has a great recline system, tons of adjustments, and a good price.
The Bad / The Ergohuman chair might look too “ergonomic” for some users more concerned with style than comfort. Also, the chair uses mesh, which could be good or bad depending on what type of experience you want since.
The Verdict / The Ergohuman chair is probably the best ergonomic chair you can find in the $600 price range.

Ergohuman Chair Review

Intro to Ergohuman Chair Review

The Ergohuman Chair is an interesting chair that looks quite different than most chairs. If I were to compare it to a more well-known chair, I would compare it to something like the Herman Miller Aeron–but that’s mainly due to the wide use of mesh in the chair.

However, the Ergohuman Chair is quite different in a few ways and this Ergohuman Chair Review, I’ll go over why the Ergohuman Chair could be worth a purchase when comparing it to more expensive and popular models like the Herman Miller Aeron and Steelcase Leap.


The Ergohuman is $624 on Amazon, which is a great price for a high-end ergonomic chair. This is cheaper than Steelcase and  Herman Miller Aeron chairs, and slightly more expensive than normal HON Chair offerings like the HON Nucleus which is under $500.

The chair has a lifetime warranty, but a 5-year warranty on fabric and cushions. This makes sense since the core parts of the chair (like the metal) probably aren’t going to break down.

Comfort / Features

Ergohuman Chair Review

The Ergohuman Chair is a unique chair since it’s VERY adjustable. As you can see from the back of the chair, the mesh cushioning is separate for lumbar and back support. You can move each one of these pieces up or down depending on how tall or short you are. This is unique, and I haven’t seen anything like it in other chairs. Most chairs have a moveable lumbar support, and some let you adjust the seat up or down, but the Ergohuman uses two panels which are very cool.

Ergohuman Chair Review

The chair features all of the ergonomic features you’d need, like a seat panel that can be adjusted to accommodate leg length, arms that go up or down and swivel side to side, and then height adjustment. In addition, the chair also features synchro-tilt so you can recline in the chair and be comfortable throughout the day without being forced to sit up super straight.

One other defining feature of the Ergohuman chair is that it automatically comes with an adjustable headrest. Most other chairs in this price range make you pay a hefty add-on price. The Ergohuman’s headrest is quite good since it can be adjusted to fit your neck up or down or to be higher.

Due to the adjustable nature of the back, the Ergohuman is a great chair for a wide range of users. Tall users find that the chair feels very comfortable after you configure the right fit.

Some things to note is that the chair does use mesh, so for people who like to sit non-traditionally, you might want to look for a fabric option that uses polyurethane foam (like the Steelcase Leap). Another thing is that some heavier users might want to look elsewhere since a few users have noted that the width of the area between the arms could be a bit narrow.

Ergohuman Chair Review Conclusion

The Ergohuman Chair is a great chair for tall users looking to get the “perfect fit.” However, due to the adjustments, it can also fit shorter users, and the adjustability of the backrest is very innovative and comfortable. The chair can look a bit odd from the back, however, and it might not fit with some modern offices or more minimalist setups. This chair does perform like an ergonomic chair, and it certainly looks the part–which could be good or bad depending on your style.

Ergohuman Chair Review