Good / Modest size of the seat that packs good features on the ergonomic side of things. PU leather has been used to allow easy cleaning and high level of comfort. High density materials for the best comfort and longevity. The steel base is tough enough to hold up to 1500 kilos of static weight. The seat height can be adjusted to the needed position. Armrests are also adjustable in all angles. Does not cost much.

Bad / It may be limiting to those 6 ft tall and above. Some firmness can be noted in the cushions making it uncomfortable especially for heavy users. The side guards force the user to keep their legs together.

Verdict /There are not many unique features brought to the table by the E-Blue cobra gaming chair. Rather, the manufacturer focuses on making the basics stand out with a few extras. In the main areas of the seat such as the comfort, the looks and the price, the chair has a good score given its many features at a low price. The looks will also appeal to gamers are they borrow some aspects from racing cars.

E-Blue Cobra Gaming Chair Review

Introduction to E-Blue Cobra Gaming Chair Review

This review focused on what features the chair has, and how good they are. First, the chair promises some comfort in various regards. Besides the usual seating and adjusting positions, the chair also has a rocking mechanism for relaxation sessions. If you are worried about the rocking, it comes with a handy feature that allows you to lock the angle of the rocking. Then there is the comfort level of the chair. It is a good fit for medium to low weight users. The rest of the features are also commendable.


You can own the E-Blue cobra gaming chair for $263.11 from Amazon and other online retailers. This price is in the affordable realm for most gamers who want a minimalist chair  for a good price.


  • The features you get from this chair include;
  • Soft PU leather with ergonomic designs.
  • The leather is breathable and easy to clean.
  • High sponge density for the best comfort.
  • The base is made of steel and had five arms that provide both support and stability to the user.
  • The armrests can be rotated through 360 degrees to find the perfect sitting position for work or gaming.
  • The chair can be adjusted forwards and backwards​ through 112 degrees to the perfect position.
  • The height can be adjusted to the needed level.
  • Has a rocking mechanism whose angle can be adjusted to the perfect one.


Most users will find this chair to be what they need to go through the needed gaming sessions. Sitting for long hours on this chair is a good experience given the good amount of padding that has been fitted on it.

While it has been primarily created as a chair for gaming, it will not look alien in an office especially if a less bright color variant was available. In general, it is a good chair all gamers should consider especially those on a limited budget who cannot have the best chairs in the gaming area.

E-Blue Cobra Gaming Chair Review