The Good / The DXRacer Wide series chair has a wide seat panel and less racing flair which makes it very roomy. The lack of cutouts on the top of the chair contribute to a more executive style feel.

The Bad / If you’re shorter, the chair might be too big for you since it’s more suited to individuals around 6’0”.

The Verdict / Perfect for the user who wants less “racing flair”, the DXRacer Wide series chair comes with standard DXRacer firm cushioning, easy setup, and great durability.

DXRacer Wide Series Review

Intro to the DXRacer Wide Series Review

Most DXRacer chairs have a similar style, comfort, and functionality. The basic idea is that each chair has a high back, a deep seat, armrests, and a steel base foundation. However, within the giant product line there are core differentiators between the chairs that can make it important when you’re considering which chair to buy.

The only thing is that the DXRacer website isn’t that helpful about describing which chair is for who and why. Sure there is a sizing guide, and we’ve created an even better sizing table, but there isn’t too much concrete descriptions on what makes each chair different, and for someone inexperienced with DXRacer chairs, it can be hard to see what is different.

In this DXRacer Wide Series review, I’ll be going over the chair to give you some sort of idea why you should or shouldn’t buy it over some of the other chairs.

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The DXRacer Wide series chair is  DXRacer Wide series chair is $369 on Amazon, which is about mid-price for a DXRacer. Some chairs are around $500, and the cheapest are between $250-300.

Comfort / Features

DXRacer Wide Series Review

Sitting in the DXRacer Wide series chair is quite good, and while there aren’t a ton of things about the back rest, padding, seat panel, or arms (all of these features are pretty similar throughout the DXRacer line, they just come in different sizes and sometimes materials) the unique things about the chair are the specifications of the width,caster size, and headboard.

Unlike some DXRacers that have cutouts in the headrest, the Wide series does not. It does come with pillows and cushions, but the wider width of the chair is a real plus for some people who don’t like the normal feel of DXRacer chairs have that bigger side wings that can often feel restraining.

There’s more room with the chair, and the chair actually has more room to adjust the chair higher with extra extension, as well as wheels/casters that are bigger as well. The chair supports up to

6’0” in height, and 185 pounds. It also has one of the widest seat panels out of all of the DXRacers. So if you’re in that range, it should be a great fit. You can also probably subtract a few inches or add a few inches, and you’ll be fine since I’ve seen people as large as 6’4” claim the chair still fits perfectly.

Finally, I just want to underline that the wide series has less “racing flair” with less ridges and wings that are suppose to “hold you in”. This could be a big plus for some people. I personally prefer models like this or the Classic/Boss series.

DXRacer Wide Series Review Conclusion

The DXRacer Wide series chair is a great option for someone around 6’0” who wants the widest seat cushion out of all of the DXRacer chairs. Besides that, the chair is mostly standard DXRacer fare with a slightly different headrest and more muted color offerings.

DXRacer Wide Series Review