DXRacer is a popular gaming chair brand that has in many ways, created a new category in the office chair market. A lot of people hate DXRacer, but even more people love them. But why?

In the old days, people would just go to Staples and buy a crappy office chair. Now, professional gaming has impacted the market and influenced the way it has evolved. A lot of people hate that, but it’s not justified–because a lot of DXRacer chairs are quite good for the price. Today, I’m taking a look at the DXRacer Sentinel, in this DXRacer Sentinel Review. 

Streamers and professional gamers who spend long hours in their chairs spend money on or get sponsored by companies which build chairs meant to be sat in for longer periods of time, and DXRacer was one of the first companies to bring their gaming chair ideas to the market.Their foundational company was racing chairs–which should come as no surprise, but this “racing gaming chair” trend stuck and gamers started to pick up and attract to the style.

Now you can see other companies copying DXRacer, and some even claim these chairs are superior like MAXNomic gaming chairs.

So are these chairs as good as the hype as claimed? This was my question, and I came away with an answer after using and testing out the DXRacer Sentinel chair. If you want to see a DXRacer comparison, check out this resource here which includes a DXRacer Quiz!!!

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DXRacer Sentinel Review

Opening the Box and Building the DXRacer Sentinel

The DXRacer Sentinel came in a HUGE box, and it was filled to the brim with plenty of supportive packaging materials. Taking out the pieces was a massive and intimidating process, but before long I knew what I was supposed to do since there were a few guides floating around.

After surveying everything, I came to the conclusion that there wasn’t much to do–which is a good thing! There wasn’t any loose bolts or anything, and the ones that I needed were already screwed into the chair for easy reference. I’ve built cheaper chairs that are much more work to build. 

Basically, you assemble the base, then you put the wheels on the base, and then you assemble the gas chamber into the base, screw the base on the bottom of the chair, then attach the bottom to the backrest.

When I went to work on the backrest, things got a bit tricky since I needed to unscrew a few bolts and the washers liked to slip underneath the loose leather (so watch out for that). After a bit, I figured out the best technique to catch the washers and various bolts after unscrewing. It was helpful to know where everything went without having to pull pieces out of a bag, however.

Overall, the building process of the chair was very easy, and I was impressed by the simplicity of the build. I did it all by myself, but I would recommend a partner since some of the pieces can be very heavy.

Once I got everything set up, the chair felt very sturdy.

So what is the DXRacer Sentinel like? DXRacer Sentinel Comfortable?

DXRacer Sentinel Review

Well, it’s very big and tall, for starters. I was a bit surprised at how the chair looked in my living room, and it felt much bigger than my previous chair.

Sitting in the DXRacer Sentinel is different than I expected. The chair feels very sturdy and minimalist which is refreshing when you sit in it. The padding feels great, tight and hard enough to be supportive, but not too hard to feel uncomfortable. I thought that the chair would force me into a position more since I’ve heard that about DXRacers. I suppose since I picked the right fit for my size I had more room to work with. The main fit just feels like a slight slant with a straight back.

The pillows didn’t do much for me, and I liked to experiment using the chair without them. The quality of the pillows seems good, however, with good stitching, material, and good “fluff.” For the most part, I couldn’t use the lumbar pillow without it putting a “brick” into my back. It was just too thick.

The headrest pillow was better,  but sometimes putting it on the chair felt a bit too crowded. I couldn’t have it through the loops in the back top of the chair since it’d hit my shoulders, but it fit better just going around the top of the back.

However, without the headrest, it felt a bit empty for my neck. I’d flip flop between using it, and not using it constantly. Overall I liked how high the chair was, and it made me feel much more “part of the chair, ” and the experience felt a bit cozier and enclosed in a good sort of way that I haven’t experience with more “task-oriented” chairs like the Steelcase Leap or chairs like the Aeron.  

DXRacer Sentinel Review

One of the things I was impressed most with the chair was the material. It looks amazing and feels just as good since it’s very cool to the touch and smooth–which is MUCH better than some materials I’ve used before. Suffice to say; it feels more premium than most chair materials I’ve experienced and worth the $500 tag. It also looks very cool, and I like the blue styling. 

My favorite thing about sitting in the chair is how the backrest feels slanted when at an angle and it doesn’t feel like it’s forcing you to sit a certain way like some chairs might. You can adjust the angle a lot, but it didn’t let me recline as much as I wanted. Adjusting the chair can start to feel like a hassle since I’m used to chairs that can do it automatically based on your pressure. The DXRacer Sentinel isn’t designed like that, so it locks in each position with a slight tilt if you want. You can lock the tilt, or leave it free, and you can even adjust the pressure needed to tilt, which I didn’t realize for awhile. 

DXRacer Sentinel Review

I guess the DXRacer Sentinel specific model has limited recline ability (not quite flat like I’ve seen in some YouTube videos of the chairs), but I could still tilt back a lot if I wanted. It felt a bit impractical, and my favorite position was just a slight lean. Sitting up too straight felt too stiff.

Finally, I want to talk about my arm positions with the chair since that’s probably where I had the most difficulty.

The armrests are probably the cheapest feeling part of the chair, and the adjustability of the 4D adjustments is clunky and insecure. It works for the most part, and you can move them side to side, forward and back and up and down–but compared to higher end ergonomic chairs, it felt like the parts would break and some users that use DXRacer chairs have reported that so I’m not surprised. One of the adjustment parts of the chair would get stuck constantly, and I’d have to bump the armrest to get the button to pop out.

However, the armrests are still OK, and better than most armrests in this price range. They are a bit hard–though, and I would recommend something like this to complement them.

As you might be able to tell, I’m not a HUGE armrest guy since I find using armrests at that angle with my arms cause a weird pain. I’ve found this in every chair, even in chairs like the Steelcase Gesture which have arguably the most advanced arm chairs in the market.

DXRacer Sentinel Review

I like to have my arms angled more, but with the DXRacer Sentinel, I couldn’t get that right angle without the armrests since the side ridges of the chair would hit me right in the elbow with the colored piping that traces the ridges of the chair.

To get the best position for my arms, in that I wouldn’t be resting them on the side ridge of the chair, I was forced to use the armrests with my arms bowed forward to make it so the ridges wouldn’t bump my elbows.This caused my shoulders to cave inward a little bit which felt ergonomically wrong. After doing a bit of research, it seems like some chairs they offer have fewer ridges, like the Boss series, which is a newer chair they offer that might address this issue.

My girlfriend also didn’t seem annoyed by the piping of the chair, since she was less broad in shoulders, and I feel like someone broader than me would not have an issue either since their arms could extend outside of the ridges. I might just be the wrong amount of skinny, tall, and medium length broadness for the chair. Overall, this made the chair less ideal for ME personally, but I wouldn’t discount this flaw in the chair for me as a huge flaw for others.

Conclusion of DXRacer Sentinel Review

Most everything about the chair–whether the material, the supportiveness of the foam, or even the angled positions can feel quite good for long-term luxurious gaming sessions. I would say that DXRacer chairs ARE worth the money, but it can be tricky finding the right chair for you just by shopping online. Make sure to check out our guide to getting the right size, and consider getting either the Classic, Boss, or Wide Series if you think wings or ridges on the chair might be an issue for your arms or leg width.

In conclusion, is the DXRacer Sentinel the right chair for me?

The DXRacer Sentinel is better than any $500 or sub $500 chair I’ve ever used. But it’s not as good as the Steelcase Leap. I think for the improvements the leap has it’s worth $400 more for me, but if you’re limited on budget, the DXRacer Sentinel or other DXRacer chairs can be incredible if you want more of a recline sort of style chair for gaming.

I just wasn’t a fan of the side ridges of the chair, and since I’m used to chairs which automatically adjust the angle of the back based on the pressure you put on it, I found that the increased recline ability wasn’t as impressive as having more on-demand flexibility in chairs like the Steelcase Leap.

I prefer to sit up straighter now and lean back at will, but with the DXRacer Sentinel, you have to adjust and pull back the lever and get it “just right.” It feels a bit stiff to me, which makes sense since the chair is so strong, sturdy, and supportive–but If you don’t move your angle much in your chairs, it won’t be a problem for you.