The Good / The sturdy and firmly padded DXRacer Racing Series chair is good for most anyone. If you’re under 6’1”, and 250 LB, you’ll find the chair quite a good fit.
The Bad / Some find the ridges and wings on the side of the chair to be annoying, whereas others don’t. Also, some find that the chair is more comfortable without the pillows, whereas others don’t.
The Verdict / If you want a “gaming style chair” then the DXRacer Racing Series chair is one of the first chairs you should check out. The chair has a wide range of potential users due to a good size, and the affordable $350 sweet spot gives you high-quality parts, good padding, and good recline abilities.

DXRacer Racing Series Chair Review

Intro to DXRacer Racing Series Chair Review

The DXRacer Racing series chair compares similarly to my previously reviewed Formula Series Chair review. Besides the Formula Chair, the Racing Series chair is pretty much the iconic “DXRacer chair,” and it’s one that I see frequently recommended by DXRacer themselves.

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The DXRacer Racing Series starts out at $299 and ends at $449 depending on which specifications and custom model you get. The one on Amazon that I recommend is $349, and it comes with everything you need. This is a good price for a chair, and that is one thing I like about DXRacer chairs.

Most people think that Ergonomic chairs like the Steelcase Leap that retail for $900+ are WAY too expensive, but for most people, $349 is a reasonable price once some money can be saved up. This price means you get quality parts and durability, but you aren’t making a HUGE investment (although my Steelcase Leap V1 has lasted 16 years as I wrote about in my Steelcase Leap Review).

Comfort / Features

DXRacer chairs are all fairly simple to build (you mainly just attach the gas level to the base, then screw in the bottom to the backrest with the arms already attached), and the racing series is no different–just keep in mind that when you are attaching the base to the backrest, to keep track of your screws, so they don’t get lost inside the fabric!

The chair is built to be for bigger people–or really, the average male who is around 5’10”. This chair has a height limit of 6’1”, a weight limit of 250 LB, and 3D or 4D adjustable arms. So, it should fit most people. If you are outside of this height or weight limit, check out the DXRacer chair guide I made.  

DXRacer Racing Series Chair Review

So is the DXRacer Racing series chair comfortable?

Well, that depends on what you are looking for. If you want a super healthy ergonomic design, then look elsewhere (despite DXRacer’s claims). Unfortunately, you can’t get an “ergonomic design” for any less than $600, and the cheapest ergonomic chair I’ve found is the excellent Ergohuman chair.

However, the chair is very firm with thick padding–quite comfortable for the price, and the back is mostly straight without any curve. A lot of office chairs force you to sit a certain way or have some ergonomic design, but the DXRacer’s back is mainly flat. It’s not that comfortable to sit up straight in, but if you recline it a bit, I found it to be reasonably comfortable. Besides the firm padding, it’s not the kind of chair that you have to get used to, per se. The reason it is so flat, however, is because of the pillows provided.

DXRacer Racing Series Chair Review

DXRacer chairs let you recline like nothing else!

The pillows provided, while decently fluffed are either a hit or miss. Some DXRacer employees claim that it takes an adjustment period to get used to the lumbar support. For me, I found that the pillows made too much of a curve in my back to be helpful, but I’ve even found this with high-end ergonomic chairs like the Herman Miller Aeron which uses a “lumbar pad.”

Whether you find the pillow comfortable or not depends on how you feel about this kind of lumbar support. It seems a lot of streamers and DXRacer loves find the pillows helpful, but I prefer chairs where lumbar support is more embedded into the chair naturally (like the Steelcase Leap), but I still found the back support of DXRacers to be comfortable still just because of the flat nature of the nature when reclining a bit.The chair just kind of lets you do what you want in it (slouch a bit, sit straighter, lay out), which is a good thing for most gamers.

What about the adjustable arms? Well, to be honest, DXRacer arm chairs are OK. For the price of $350, I haven’t really found better arms out there. Most chairs around this price point have adjustable arms similar to the DXRacer chairs and they do feel a bit plasticky and a bit clunky, and for the DXRacer Racing Series arms, there isn’t much exception. However, I’ve reviewed chairs like the Steelcase Gesture, which has arms that are basically like a real humans. One thing to note is that I have seen people purchase squishy gell-like armrest pads for their DXRacer which is an awesome mod.

DXRacer Racing Series Chair Review Conclusion

The DXRacer Racing Series chair is quite a good chair for the price. The comfort level is the chair is quite good, if not a bit firm. One last thing to note is that a fair amount of people find the ridges in the DXRacer Racing Series chair (on the side of the chair) to be kind of annoying (they force your arms forward a bit to use the armrests).

If you’re afraid of the ridges or wings (a leftover from the “racing design”), then check out something like the Boss Series (more expensive but also a bit better in terms of ergonomics).

DXRacer Racing Series Chair Review