The Good / The DXRacer King is one of the biggest DXRacer chairs out there. The style and design is classic “DXRacer” with side ridges, wings, and racing cutouts in the headboard.

The Bad  / If you’re looking for a bigger chair with something a little different, the DXRacer King isn’t that. Checkout the DXRacer Boss Series instead.

The Verdict / If you want the classic DXRacer look and are a bigger individual, the DXRacer King series is the perfect chair to get.

DXRacer King Series Review

Intro to DXRacer King Series Review

The DXRacer brand has a lot of different chairs, so it can be hard to decipher which one to get. The website is decent about telling you which sizes are for whom (our table does it better though), but the website doesn’t exactly tell you what’s different about each chair.

In each one of our DXRacer reviews, that’s been our singular objective–to help you find the right DXRacer for your specific needs and budget. In this DXRacer King Series Review, we’ll go over what makes the King series standout.

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The DXRacer King Series is one of the more expensive DXRacer offerings since it costs $469. The reason is that there’s simply more material and support built into the chair to support larger weights and heights.

The guideline is that the DXRacer King Series is one of the biggest chairs available, besides the DXRacer Tank. The DXRacer King Series fits people up to 300 LBs up to 6’3”. Only the DXRacer Sentinel Series and Tank series have bigger heights / weights supported.

Comfort / Features

The DXRacer King Series is in many ways, just a traditional DXRacer chair–just bigger. It’s very similar to the DXRacer Racing Series in racing flair with side ridges and wings, cutouts for the head, and similar coloring. However, the chair weighs a bit more and as I mentioned, it’s bigger back and wider seat are more ideal for larger guys. Unlike some chairs like the DXRacer classic, or the Boss Series, or even the Elite Series, which are a bit different.

The armrests are 4D which means you can move them up and down and side to side, but don’t expect anything magical here. The armrests feel a bit plasticky compared to some ergonomic chair offerings but you can find memory foam / gel attachments on Amazon which make a world of difference.

Seat support is good here. The backrest is very firm and the seat panel is the same. The inside is high density foam and the material is leather. It feels nice to sit on, but can get a bit hot when it’s warm. However, when you’re an even temperature, the leather feels great.

One thing to note is that most people have to “break in” DXRacer chairs since they are very firm. The good thing is that the cushioning doesn’t wear down over time and you are supported throughout long gaming sessions. The experience is kind of like sitting in a car seat since the back is pretty flat. The chair does come with two pillows, however some find the lumbar pillow is a bit “too much” but you can experiment.  

Review Conclusion

The DXRacer King Series isn’t a complicated chair. It’s just a really big chair with standard racing flair. If you’re in the market for a bigger DXRacer Chair, it’s one of the three options available. This chair has more standard pillows, whereas the Sentinel is slightly bigger with the more “U” shaped pillow. And the DXRacer Tank is even bigger.

DXRacer King Series Review