The Good / If you like racing stripes, and the slightly different cutout in the headboard, and you want a slightly more “cushy” DXRacer, the Iron series is the go to chair to get for moderately tall / heavy users. 

The Bad / The Iron Series in some ways, feels a bit “in-ordinary” in terms of standing out in DXRacer’s product line. If you’re on a budget, the DXRacer Racing Series is probably a better purchase. 

The Verdict / While similar to other DXRacer chairs like the Racing Series (just more expensive and bigger) the Iron Series is still a good purchase due to quality build materials, good comfort, and a stylish striped racing design. 

DXRacer Iron Series Review

Intro to DXRacer Iron Series Review

What makes the Iron Series different? What’s special about it than makes it a better purchase than something like the DXRacer Racing Series? In this Iron Series review, I’ll go over what makes this a worthy purchase or a purchase to avoid.

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The DXRacer Iron series retails for $469 on Amazon, which is a bit pricey for a DXRacer chair. You can get the DXRacer Racing series for $349.

Comfort / Features

DXRacer Iron Series Review

The DXRacer Iron Series is a more unique offering than some other chairs we’ve seen like the King Series. However, it’s still a core DXRacer product–by that I mean, it has the same arms, same type of base, wheels, and general shape and design–you won’t find as many differences as you would in the Classic or Elite Series chairs. The Iron Series has a different cutout in the top of the headboard, and the overall styling/coloring is more focused on racing “stripes” than just colored outlines.

The general comfort level is quite good, and the closest thing I could compare the chair to would be like sitting in a racing car seat. That’s because of the side ridges to hug your body, and the flat back. This chair, like other DXRacers, comes with two pillows which are fairly good.

One of the main things that makes the Iron Series better than some other chairs is that the foam is suppose to be a bit more comfortable and not so firm. Besides that, the chair is also quite big and strong, so it supports users up to 250 LBs and 6’1” in height. Besides the King, Sentinel, Tank, and Boss Series, the Iron is the biggest.

Some other things to note is that the Iron series has a bit more “hug” in the back seat, so if you like that racing style feel, the Iron series is a good choice. The seat is still fairly wide however.

DXRacer Iron Series Review Conclusion

At the end of the day, a lot of DXRacer products are similar with small variations in style, pricing, and sizing. Besides the racing stripes, and cutout slit, the Iron Series isn’t that special. Sure it’s still a great chair, but is it necessary to the DXRacer product line? I’m not sure.

I think that some products like the Tank, Racing Series, and perhaps the Formula could be enough to round out a complete product range for the “core DXRacer style”, but depending on your preferences, chairs like the Iron series, Elite series,  Sentinel, Origin, and Drifting series all have slight variations that could make the chairs ideal for you.

My personal favorites are the DXRacer Classic/Boss and the Elite series.

If you’d like to see all these different chairs compared, check out our useful DXRacer comparison table which makes this decisively less confusing.

DXRacer Iron Series Review