Good / The DXRacer Gaming Desktop is made with super premium build materials to make it durable and strong for multiple desktops. It has a cool sloped design and plenty of ports for cable management.

Bad / Some tall users wish the desk could be adjusted to be a bit higher, and some users find building the desk is somewhat of a challenge. Additionally, the front sloping part of the desk seems to take some adjustment at first.

Verdict / The DXRacer Gaming Desktop is a unique gaming desktop with a hefty price tag. However, the desk is built to last with a cool design that makes it stand out from normal office desks.

DXRacer Gaming Desktop Review

Intro to DXRacer Gaming Desktop Review

We’ve done a ton of DXRacer chair reviews, so we thought, what about the rest of your setup? If you’re a hardcore gamer, or a gamer who just craves the perfect setup, the DXRacer Gaming Desktop could be the perfect addition to finish your man cave or home gaming office.

In this detailed look at the DXRacer Gaming Desktop, I’ll take a look to see if the desk is worth the price, what features you get, and if you should buy it to complement your DXRacer or gaming chair.

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The DXRacer Gaming desk is $399. This is quite expensive for a desk since you can find cheaper alternatives like the Atlantic Gaming Desk on Amazon for $90. However, the DXRacer Gaming Desk is a different product, with a huge weight capacity, premium build materials, cool design, and durability.

Features / Design

The DXRacer Gaming Desktop has a very cool design. It screams “gamer” with the bright flashy colors commonly seen in DXRacer chairs. My personal favorite is the green accent contrasted with the dark black finish.

So what does the chair offer as a unique gaming desk?DXRacer Gaming Desktop Review

The chair has a few features like the unique angle. The entire top part of the desk has a 10 degree slope which provides a more ergonomic angle for your forearms. Commonly, most desks are flat which means it can be hard to get a good ergonomic angle for your hands, wrists, and forearms. If your chair is to low, you’ll find the your forearm has too much of an angle, but due to this desk’s design, you can get a straight angle which is better for your wrists and forearms.

Another cool feature the desk has is the unique construction and strong construction. If anything, this is what makes the DXRacer Gaming Desktop worth the price. In terms of construction, the desk is made with a strong wooden desk board, a CF feather backdrop with embroidery (cool feature here to make your setup more sleek from the underneath), and steel rods to support the desk.

Whereas most tables have two straight beams that support the desk normally, the DXRacer Gaming Desktop has a double triangle design which provides a better engineered support system. This is the kind of engineering you see in bridges to hold up maximum loads.

You can expect a 110 LB desk top weight capacity, which is very good if you plan on having multiple monitors for your gaming or work setup. Additionally, the desk also has strong rotatable trapezoid-type feet that make the desk extra stable.

If you’re a gamer, or someone who has multiple wires around your desk, you know how annoying and troublesome wires can be. This is why you need a desk with good cable management features, and the DXRacer Gaming Desktop has those.
DXRacer Gaming Desktop Review

It has 4 large openings in smartly placed spots that let you thread wires underneath the desk. To make sure nothing falls off your desk, the desk also has a raised perimeter on the back end. This prevents any trinkets or important USB drives from getting lost.

DXRacer Gaming Desktop Review ConclusionDXRacer Gaming Desktop Review

The DXRacer Gaming Desktop is one of the most unique gaming/working desks for PC gamers that I’ve seen.

Due to the unique triangle support legs, and the slant of the desk, as well as the bright flashy colors, I think the desk makes for a great “cool” buy. But because of the chair’s strong materials and DXRacer’s focus on durability, I think the desk is also a good purchase  just because it’ll last along time and be strong and durable throughout.

DXRacer Gaming Desktop Review