The Good / The DXRacer Elite Series is affordable (for a DXRacer) at only $299. The design is also different and perhaps even better than the traditional racing design due to less side ridges and a cleaner “minimalist” feel.

The Bad / Unless you’re shorter the DXRacer Elite Series might be too small for you.

The Verdict / If you’re under 5’9″ and 180 pounds, the DXRacer Elite Series’s sweet unique design and long-term comfort due to quality build materials make it a worthy purchase.

DXRacer Elite Series Review

Intro to DXRacer Elite Series Review

If you’re semi-familiar with DXRacer chairs, you might know the brand by the traditional Racing Style series. Most DXRacers have a similar style with heavy side ridges and wings left in the chair’s design from racing cars, and the top usually has ridges and hole cutouts that look quite stylish.

The DXRacer Elite Series, however, is a fairly big departure from the norm with barely any side rides and small seat wings. Additionally, the top of the chair has a different headrest style without any cutouts. In this DXRacer Elite Series review, I’ll go over some of these core differences to help you decide if the DXRacer Elite Series is the best chair to get.

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The DXRacer Elite Series is the normal price for a DXRacer, at around $299 on Amazon. It does have limitations however, like a max 5’9” height limit and a suggested weight under 180 pounds. This means that the target audience is similar than something like the DXRacer Racing Series which is better for the taller/more average sized male of 5’10” and above.

Comfort / Features

DXRacer Elite Series Review

While the DXRacer Elite Series has limitations in terms of supported height and weight, I think the departure from the normal design is actually a good thing. The reason is that the side ridges and wings can get annoying for elbows or more “hefty” individuals. Here, though, that’s not a problem and the chair gives you a bit more breathing room. Additionally, I like the look of the chair a bit more since it’s more traditionally executive and the top pillow looks very sleek.

The back design as well as the seat panel is similar to other DXRacer chairs with extremely firm and supportive padding filled with a high density foam, and the material is PU leather. The chair also comes with a lumbar pillow, and the arms can go up or down. Speaking from experience, DXRacer chairs are easy to build, and due to the DXRacer Elite Series’s smaller size, it should be very easy to build and durable for many years due to the high quality steel frame.

Review Conclusion

If you want something slightly different than the flashy “normal” DXRacer chairs, and you want something a bit more sleek and minimalist, the DXRacer Elite Series is the perfect choice.

DXRacer Elite Series Review