The Good / The DXRacer Classic Series is one of the best designed DXRacer chairs on the market with a premium executive style feel. It has a built-in headrest, and great supportive foam with a strong steel base.

The Bad / The DXRacer Classic Series has a height limit of 5’10” and a weight limit of 225 LB. It’s also a bit pricier than some other “classic” chairs like the DXRacer Racing Series, Formula, or Origin.

The Verdict / Chock full of features like good recline, adjustable arms, and a cool style, the DXRacer Classic Series is the perfect “premium” DXRacer chair for someone that can afford it who fits the sizing. If you’re a bigger guy/gal, go for the DXRacer Boss instead.

DXRacer Classic Series Review

Intro to DXRacer Classic Series Review

The  DXRacer Classic Series is a unique offering from DXRacer. Unlike some of the other more well-known chairs like the DXRacer Racing Series, the Classic series doesn’t have headrest cutouts or much side ridges or wings on sides of the backrest and seat panel. The chair also has a built-in headrest. In this DXRacer Classic Series review, I’ll go over if the chair is worth a buy.

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The DXRacer classic is slightly more expensive than some other DXRacer options. A lot of the smaller chairs are more around $299, but the DXRacer Classic series is $399. I still think this is a good price for a chair, since the DXRacer brings unique features, comfort, and durability compared to the rest of the chairs available in the marketplace at this price.

Comfort / Features

DXRacer Classic Series Review  One of the major complaints about DXRacer chairs is that the side ridges and wings of the chair feel a bit restrictive. The Classic series takes a small departure with barely any ridges on the seat panel, and the back panel doesn’t have too much “wing” either. It looks more like an executive styled DXRacer, and the performance and comfort of the chair reflects that. The color scheming is also a bit less bright and sleek in a few options.

One other big thing about the chair is that the headrest is integrated within the top portion of the backrest, which is a nice touch since I think that pillows attached to the chair lower the “look” of the chair a bit. However, the chair still comes with a supported lumbar support if you want that.

DXRacer Classic Series Review In terms of pure features, the chair also has adjustable arms, but like other DXRacers, the armrests here are mostly just plasticky armrests that feel a bit cheap. I think that arms are the weakest part of the chair, but you won’t get “good” armrests unless you spend considerably more for something like a Steelcase brand chair like the Steelcase Amia. However, if you want you can get an interesting add-on like memory gel armrest pads.

In terms of comfort, the Classic is similar to other DXRacers with the padding. It’s extremely firm but it’s also very supportive for long gaming hours. Unlike some super plush chairs which are comfortable for a few month then get flattened, the Classic will stay firm and supportive for years.

DXRacer Classic Series Review The main thing is that it takes a week or so to “break the chair in” and get use to the support. One thing I’ve always liked about DXRacers are that they are built fairly wide if you get the right size which makes the chair feel roomy.

The DXRacer Classic fits people under 5’10” and 225 pounds. If you want a bigger chair, I would recommend the DXRacer Boss Series since it has a weight capacity of 425 and a height of 6’1”. Additionally, the recline angles are great here letting you recline back pretty much as far as you want.

DXRacer Classic Series Review Conclusion

With a slightly different style, and core features to boot (fully 4D arms, good recline, integrated headrest), the DXRacer Classic Series is the perfect DXRacer to get if you want a more premium executive feel.

DXRacer Classic Series Review