Good / The Devoko Gaming Chair is cheap and looks cool. The chair has a good reception and is easy to build.

Bad / The only color is red. Some tall users find the chair too small. It lacks pillows and recline features found in competitively priced chairs like the Homall Gaming Bucket Style Chair.

Verdict / While it may be more comfortable for a smaller audience, the Devoko Gaming Chair doesn’t disappoint if you’re looking for a budget bucket styled gaming chair.

Devoko Gaming Chair Review

Intro to Devoko Gaming Chair Review

The Devoko Gaming Chair is a low-priced affordable gaming chair solution. It cost only $95.99 which is definately on the cheaper end. Some chairs, like DXRacers start around $250-300 and can get to $500 in price.

High end ergonomic chairs cost anywhere from $600-1200. So if you’re in for a bargain, this could be the chair for you. The question is, does this bargain priced chair deliver a comfortable experience for gaming and working?

Devoko Gaming Chair Review Devoko Gaming Chair Features

  • Made with leather
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Lock tilt adjustment
  • Supports 300 LS
  • 30 day warranty
  • Bucket seat with curved back / headrest
  • Smooth rolling casters

The  Devoko Gaming Chair has a good selection of features, but most are expected at this price point. I’m surprised to see leather construction, but I think it’s only synthetic or faux leather.

The chair can recline which is cool, in “various modes”. You won’t get synchro-tilt which means that the seat stays level while your tilt, but even high-end DXRacers don’t have synchro-tilt–only ergonomic office chairs. It’s just kind of annoying having your hips and knees raised when you recline.

The  Devoko Gaming Chair’s strongest point is that it has the classic gaming design for a low price point. It has nice ridges in the back support, supportive wing enclosures, and the high back with the headrest is nice to lean back on.

The armrests are non-adjustable, but they look OK. The coloring of the chair looks more premium than some other options at this price point, but there isn’t many other options besides red. In fact, that’s the only option which kind of sucks if you’re a blue or green kind of guy.

The chair seems to be well received with shorter users, which makes sense. The chair doesn’t look too big, but it does seem well made as most of the purchases like how smooth the chair feels and the parts go well together without creaking or difficulty.

Conclusion to Devoko Gaming Chair Review

While not particularly innovative, the well-priced Devoko chair comes with most needed features at this price point. However, the Homall Executive Swivel Leather Chair comes with similar features, but with two extra pillows which might mean more bang for your buck. The Homall Chair can also recline more.

Devoko Gaming Chair Review