Good / The Coulax CX04 are comfortable, cheap, and work well for basic functions. 
Bad / The Coulax CX04 are hindered by their low price point which leads to quality control issues. Bluetooth connective issues are frequent, and your volume adjustment button may or may not work properly. 
Verdict / The Coulax CX04 can’t be recommended if you plan on using the product for more than a trip or extended vacation. If you have to, buy the headphones then throw them away and buy a better or more expensive pair. 

Coulax CX04 Review

The Coulax CX04 Bluetooth neckband headphones are known to top the bestseller list on Amazon quite frequently and have thousand of positive Amazon reviews. Is this too good to be true? Can you find a better product for the low price point?

Check out my honest review after a few months of testing.


The Coulax CX04 Bluetooth headphones are among the cheapest Bluetooth headphones headband that you can find on Amazon. They retail only for $20.99.


Coulax CX04 Review - What's the Truth?

The Coulax CX04 have a similar design to competitors with a plain smooth black band and a softer back part of the band. The buttons are very clicky, and the device is easy to turn off and on. The packaging of the product also feels oddly spiffy for such a cheap product since they include a nice little box and padding inside along with extra ear buds and a charging cable. 

The length of the earbuds feel great, and they don’t stick out too much when you are using them, but the magnetic part at the end where the earbuds rest isn’t too sticky.

Overall the Coulax CX04’s design is excellent from an aesthetic point of view, and all navigational buttons are easy to use.


Coulax CX04 Review - What's the Truth?

My main complaint with the Coulax CX04 is that the quality control isn’t very good. On my model, the volume down button wouldn’t work so I had to control the volume from my phone which is a hassle. This is one reason why Bluetooth headphones are convenient since you don’t have to rely on your pocket.

After a few months, the Coulax CX04 also stopped connecting very well which required me to navigate to my phone settings every time and reconnect them. Other users on Amazon are having similar problems after a few months with connection issues.

When the Coulax CX04 was at the proper volume, and I got them connected properly, they worked fine for my long walks and were very pleasurable to use. The battery life on these things is CRAZY, and it can last you a week or more without charge even if you listen to them an hour a day. Another feature I loved is that if you receive a call, the back part of the neckband vibrates. It’s simulatenously a jarring and useful experience.

It was never as simple as launching an app, turning the Coulax CX04 on, and then listening (despite the price, you can get headphones of similar quality that DO perform better).


The sound from the  Coulax CX04 is very average, but I found it slightly better than some other competitors in the market like the neckband Mpow headphones.

It’s very do-able for audio books or podcast, but music might not sound amazing. The buds fit in my ears well and they stayed in place which was perfect for long walks or when I fell asleep on the couch.


The Coulax CX04 aren’t the best headphones you can find. Issues with quality control lead to a low-quality product with many functionalities malfunctioning. After extended use, you’ll become frustrated without being able to monitor the volume or connect to Bluetooth properly.

However, despite these two issues and the impending limitations of the short life of this product, the headphones do offer a better experience than some other Bluetooth neckband headphones since they are more comfortable and useable than some other options out there like Mpow.

Thanks for reading our Coulax CX04 review. Let us know if you have a favorite pair of neckband Bluetooth headphones that you’d like to review or recommend.