Good / The Corsair VOID headset is one the most comfortable wireless headsets that you can get. The low price of $100 as well as most premium features that you would need, are here and highly functional. The device looks great and sounds rich.
Bad / The headset is a bit loose and can slip around, and the mute indicator light feels a bit wimpy.
Verdict / The Corsair VOID is simply the best wireless gaming headset you can get if you’re on a budget (only $100). You can expect excellent sound quality, a comfortable yet unique design, and plenty of features like equalization settings and full RGB coloring.

Corsair VOID Review


The Corsair VOID is very affordable at only $99. A lot of other gaming headsets can stretch past the $150-200 mark and contain similar features.

The only other wireless headset in this price range with comparable features is the Logitech G930, but the VOID has more to offer at a fair price. Suffice to safe; the VOID manages to stay affordable without sacrificing essential features to make it an attractive product to buy.


Corsair VOID Review - Best Budget Wireless Gaming Headset?

The Corsair VOID has an attractive design with a slanted appearance. The reason is that you wear the headset with a slight tilt on your head. The slight angle relieves pressure off of your ears and makes the headset feel light. More on that in the comfort part of this review.

Other aspects of design look very good. The sides of the headset feel like real metal, and the top portion of the device has a unique slide design which the sides of the headset scoot up to the top. When you wear the headset, you can’t tell that the sides of it are going down since the adjustable parts stay uniform. It’s almost like the sides of the headset are on track, and regarding design, it pays off with a clean, minimalist appearance.

The bottom portion of the headset–the actual outside of the cups, are very sleek and glossy. Pulling back the plastic when opening this device for the first time was near orgasmic. Then in the center of the outside of the cups, you have glossy sides with full RGB lighting that glows very brightly as well as two clicky buttons to control power and the ability to mute your mic.

On the back of the main part of the left headset cup, you’ll find a scroll wheel which works well to control and adjust audio quickly or slowly depending on how forceful you push. If you push into the scroll wheel, you can adjust the equalizer settings.

Corsair VOID Review - Best Budget Wireless Gaming Headset?

I would have preferred some sort of notable varying audio cues to let me know which equalizer setting I was using (you can’t tell unless you open the app, there is just a beep to notify you). It is cool that you can adjust these settings, however (bass boost, pure direct, movie theater, FPS competition, and Clear chat).

Lastly, you have the actual microphone which looks powerful since the threaded coloring alongside the length just looks plain awesome. You do have an indicator light, but the thing is tiny. I wish they gave it something like Razer’s ManO’ War which is much brighter and like an actual LED light instead of a bright red dot (or green if it’s charging). I suppose features like these is what makes other items more expensive.


Corsair VOID Review - Best Budget Wireless Gaming Headset?

Audio from the Corsair VOID is full and rich with good bass capabilities. The Dolby 7.1 surround sound give depth to game audio for a more immersive experience. In some games, namely World of Warcraft:  Legion,  I could hear spell effects quite good and the ability to control the volume from the back of the left cup works well since you can adjust volume quickly and accurately.

I wouldn’t say these headphones sound like full-fledged audiophile headphones, but for the price and wireless convenience they sound good enough games, and they sound better than anything under the 100 price tag.

Corsair VOID Review - Best Budget Wireless Gaming Headset?

The microphone quality is fairly good as well, but it can’t compare to similar offerings seen in studio mics like the Blue Yeti. Overall, I’d say it’s about standard for a headset microphone, but it picks up voice very well and accurately which is the point.


Corsair VOID Review - Best Budget Wireless Gaming Headset?

The Corsair VOID excels in this area. It’s one of the most comfortable headsets around both because of its unique design and memory foam cushioned ear cups. The headset also has cushion on the top, and the angling of the headset makes the headset feel very light and roomy.

Due to angle and light fit of the headset, it can slip if you move around a lot or bend over, but for stationery purposes, and if you’re not swinging your head everywhere, it’s nearly perfect in terms of comfortability.

Most headsets that go around my ears cause issues and pressure points with my glasses, but the angle of the headset and the looseness of the grip as well as the comfortable cup cushions put hardly any pressure on the sides of my head (after awhile there is a little bit, but after readjusting the headset every few hours or so I can keep gaming without much discomfort at all).


If you want a more premium feeling headset than the Logitech H800, as well as more features and better sound quality, than the Corsair VOID  is our pick. It’s super comfortable, looks great with full RGB coloring, and performs well with high-quality audio, good audio detection, and good battery charge times (14-17 hours).