Good / The Cheerson CX-10 is a blast to use for the price. It’s a full functioning drone perfect for stocking stuffing or as a light gift to introduce drone flying to a beginner. Flipping with the CX-10 is a BLAST.
Bad / The CX-10’s charging port doesn’t stick in the socket making it a tricky process to start charging. The low price and small form factor make it fragile if you crash it a lot. Consider buying a cheap guard protector.
Verdict / If you’re new to drones, or just want a pocket sized one–the CX-10 is absolutely worth the price even if it only lasts a few days to a week (try not to crash it!). It’s a perfect drone to fly in the house with good controls and plenty of fun features to learn.

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Cheerson CX-10  Video Review


Perhaps the best thing about the CX-10 is the price. For only $15, you get a FULL functioning drone. Since it’s so cheap there are some drawbacks like no included camera (it’d have to be tiny). However, $15 is super cheap, and since the CX-10 works, and works well, it’s an amazing price for the amount of fun you can have with it.



If you are familiar with flying drones–surprisingly, flying the CX-10 will feel right at home. The drone has upward control and the 6-axis design lets you turn in any direction, and you can even enter stunt mode to perform flips.

While the drone is tiny, I was very surprised with how fast and agile it feels. At first, you certainly have to be careful with the sensitivity of moving the CX-10 up or down since even a slight nudge can be enough to set it speeding upward towards your ceiling (this is what happened with my girlfriend).

Once you get use to the acceleration, you can whiz around the house at crack speed maneuvering tightly and accurately. Times like this make you revel at the drone and how far tiny RC drones has come. Even when the drone flies by you, you can feel a strong gust of wind. I expected the drone to be fast and light, but I didn’t expect controlling the power within it to be so precise.

After only 10 minutes or so of flying, I could maneuver the drone and have it hover in the air however I wanted it to. I could even chase the dog (it’s his favorite toy now). My last favorite thing about flying this small drone is how easy it is to flip. Simply click in the thumbstick and swip left, and you peform a flip.


Cheerson CX-10 Review

From a hardware standpoint, I was a little worried about the CX-10 before I tried it out. How could a drone that is $15 be worth using? For the most part, all my concerns are gone. The drone often feels buggy, but that does not mean it’s functional. It’s just particular, almost in the same ways that other cheaper drones perform. The drone even has blue and red lighting like other more expensive/bigger drones.

Usually, if you follow the right pattern of launching the drone (turning on the drone first, then the controller, then pushing the left joystick up and down till it clicks) take off performs as expected. Othertimes relaunching the drone or if its stationery too long, it refuses to fly. This can be solved by restarting the process–and sometimes the drone just refuses to fly if it’s low enough on battery.

Expect some tinkering and problem solving with the drone, but rest assured–this thing DOES fly,  and it doesn’t have too many hardware design issues. Expect for one.

The charger port is just plain shit poo. It’s nice that you can charge it so conveniently, and in fact, that’s one of the best things about the drone. You don’t have to clear a table to charge your drone, or take out a battery pack and charge it individually.

Cheerson CX-10 Review

Instead, you just plug the charger right into the side port. The only issue is that the  charger doesn’t go all the way in–it doesn’t stick, and even a slight movement can detach the charger cable and stop charging the CX-10.

However, the saving grace is that the charging port DOES light up when it is correctly charging, so you aren’t left wondering if it’s charging or not. Once the light stays on for a good few seconds, you should be good to go–as long as someone doesn’t bump it. Fly times are very good as well, ranging around, 4-7 minutes as advertised, and the drone only takes somewhere around a half hour to charge.

One thing to consider, however, is this drone’s price. It fluctuates between $10-15, and after a few days of flying (and numerous crashes, one of my rotors has gotten damaged and it can’t fly straight anymore). I’d recommend picking up some additional protection like you can get here so it doesn’t break as quickly as mine.


The CX-10 has important features you’d need in a drone. As I we mentioned before, it doesn’t have a camera, or much in terms of autopilot but you can clip/trim the turning and ascent to adjust flying.

Other cool features are the ability to click in the left thumbstick to change the difficulty level (junior, intermediate, and advanced–as described by the manual). You can also make the drone do flips in the stunt mode by clicking in the right thumbstick and turn the knob various ways to perform flips in that direction.

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