Good / The Atlantic Gaming Desk is affordable but feature rich. The desk’s unique included peripheral holders are useful and the depth of customization depends on what type of desk you want. It’s sturdy enough to hold multiple monitors easily. 

Bad / The Atlantic Gaming Desk is limited to a 40 Lb weight capacity. In some ways, the desk looks better for geeks, students, or the tech crowd, but might be less suitable in a traditional office space. 

Verdict / The Atlantic Gaming Desk is perfect for gamers who want a cheap desk to store their headphones and other peripherals on/in. 

Atlantic Gaming Desk Review

Intro to Atlantic Gaming Desk Review

If you’re the type of gamer or work from home professional who loves their trinkets or gadgets, but hates clutter on the desk, the Atlantic Gaming Desk could be the perfect fit for you. In this  Atlantic Gaming Desk review, I’ll take a look at the extended feature-set of the Atlantic Gaming Desk to help you decide if it’s worth a purchase.


The Atlantic Gaming Desk goes for $90. This is a great price for a desk, and the Atlantic Gaming Desk’s vast array of “features” makes it a very competitive purchase when stacked up against other chairs with plainer features.

Features / Design

Atlantic Gaming Desk Review

One of the biggest reasons you’d buy the Atlantic Gaming Desk is because you like the storage compartments. This desk has more storage options and areas to put your stuff than almost any other desk out there. While this does make the desk look a little bit cluttered and “techy”, it’s very convenient to make your clutter feel less messy and more organized.

Whether you want room to store controllers, a stand for your headphones, a tray for your iPod or iPhone, or even a storage compartment under the desk, the Atlantic Gaming Desk has you covered.

The Atlantic Gaming Desk comes with a Charging Station, Speaker Trays, Storage Drawer, Table-top Reinforcement Bar, Monitor Stand, 2 Controller Hooks, Game Storage Rack, Wire-management Trim Plates, Rear Power-strip Holder, and a Headphone Hook & Cup Holder. This means that almost every one of your peripherals is going to have a nice cozy place. One of the funniest / coolest things about the chair is that it even has a drink holder in the front for those of you that live off huge 40 oz gas station drinks.

The desk’s build quality is also quite good, with a silver metallic and steel/carbon finish top. The support is made out of adjustable steel-rods, and the total weight capacity is 40 LBs which is decent for the price. Sure, it can’t support 110 Lbs like the DXRacer Gaming Desk, but you should be able to fit a few monitors on the desk no problem.

Many users love this desk which is one reason it’s one of the best selling gaming desks on Amazon. The cool thing about the desk is that its easy to customize. Sure it might take awhile to attach all of the pieces to the desk, but if you want to have a cleaner appearance, or only use some attachments, that’s totally possible.

Conclusion of Atlantic Gaming Desk Review

The Atlantic Gaming Desk is a great minimalist desk choice with a ton of storage compartments. It won’t have extraneous heavy drawers, or compartments for books, but if you need a desk to organize your gaming peripherals and various gadgetry without breaking the bank, the Atlantic Gaming Desk is a good purchase.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Review