Popcorn Time is one of the best streaming torrent apps in the world. The website is fairly easy on the tricks, and downloading the app is also a simple affair. Some other Popcorn Alternatives I’ve found are devious upon installation–installing malware, adware, and everything in between.

The main culprit here is the Popcorn Time VPN which tries to rope you into subscribing to their service by making you afraid of copyright notices and the like. The reason being is that Popcorn Time is semi-legal, since you are streaming torrent files of potentially illegal content like free movies, TV shows, and other content.

Is the Popcorn Time VPN Good to Use?

You might be thinking–what’s so wrong about a VPN? Well, nothing to be truthful. VPNs are wonderful anonymity tools that can protect you from snooping ISPs, data theft, and more. But if you pick the wrong VPN, you’re only wasting your money and getting frustrated–which is the main case with AnonymousVPN.

In our AnonymousVPN review, we found their service speeds to be incredibly slow, almost unusable just for internet browsing. Actually using the VPN for torrent streaming like with Popcorn Time is simply out of the question. Their service is mainly a product of branding with a cool logo and website, but without any real functionality or product to be had.

Not only that, but the VPN is expensive. It costs almost $13 a month, which is 30% more expensive than our top VPN, TorGuard. Which just proves to be that the VPN offering with Popcorn Time is more of a scam than actually a recommended option for the end user. I would guarantee if you have purchased AnonymousVPN, that you will have a hard time getting a refund.