If you want to start a gaming blog, you’ve come to the right place. As someone who has made successful gaming blogs in the past (I once owned a satire gaming blog), as well as written for some successful gaming blogs (I use to write for some Blizzard fan sites), I feel like I have enough know-how to send you on the right path.

One of the most important things when starting a good gaming blog is getting a cool name. However, it’s not as simple as just naming your blog “LevelupGamingBlog” or something. There’s a lot of important things to consider when starting out that could effect your blog’s success for years to come.

If you make a mistake with your domain name,  it’s not a big deal since you can transfer domains, but it could hurt your traffic as well as brand recognition. Additionally, it’s sort of a pain in the ass on the technical side.

In this guide, I’ll help you decide how to pick a great domain name for your gaming blog, how to start your gaming blog with hosting, and what factors to consider when choosing your domain game.

What Do I need to Pick a Domain Name?

How to Pick a Good Domain Name for a Gaming Blog

This “WoW” fansite has an interesting domain name. “TheMistyTeaHouse.com” Is it too long, however? I think the unique compelling/memorable name make it a worthy domain.

First lets discuss what you need to really get your gaming blog off the ground on the technical side. There are two things you’ll need to create your gaming blog. One is a domain name, and the other is a hosting service.

Sure you could make a gaming blog that isn’t self hosted, like something like “Gametime.wordpress.com” but that doesn’t look official does it? The one benefit is that it’s free to do so, but if you want to have your own “real” gaming blog with your own domain name to look official, you’ll need to self host your website.

Don’t worry, it’s not hard.

Domain Name 

Your domain name represents your brand and your site. It’s the URL of your website. Some of the most popular gaming blogs out there are “IGN.com”, “Kotaku.com”, and “Gamespot.com”. These brand names are their domain names. For example, you couldn’t take the domain name “IGN.com” since they own it. Domain names can be purchased individually, or with a hosting package (this I prefer). Domain names also run out as well, since they require continual subscriptions.


What is hosting? Hosting is what makes your website “real”. When you host a website, your website is stored on a remote server which lets people go to the site and see it. If you just have a domain name, nothing will load on the site.

Once you get a host, you can upload your own custom HTML content, or use a platform like WordPress to help you define how your website looks with posts, categories, and gaming themes. My favorite web host is Bluehost, since it’s super easy to setup as a gaming blog with multiple themes. It’s also cheap and fast.

If you just want to start your gaming blog now, just go over to Bluehost and pick a domain name / hosting package to get started.

How to Choose a Domain Name

How to Pick a Good Domain Name for a Gaming Blog

Found an interesting blog with the name “http://www.thatvideogameblog.com/”. Not sure how I feel about the name…

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a domain name that can influence how your site performs. Here are some factors to consider.

Factors to Consider:


Is your domain name available? This is something you must check before you get too excited. You can check on that here! Unfortunately, since it is 2017, and the internet has been up for some 20 odd years now, a lot of good names are taken. However, if you’re creative and use some of our tips, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Goals / Traffic 

What type of traffic do you foresee? Do you want to be a huge review site? Do you want to be a small website focused on one game or specific game mode? This can help you narrow down your domain name. For example, there are a lot of gaming blogs out there focused on “WoW” classes.

One that comes to mind is TheMistyTeaHouse.com. This website is completely dedicated to helping players understand how to play Mistweavers in the game, World of Warcraft. They came up with the name by finding a great name for their specific niche. Sure the website might not grow as large in terms of traffic, but if your goal is just to be an authority on one topic, you could go with a hyper-specific domain name for your niche.

What are your goals for the blog? Do you want it to be the best authority on COD in the future? Perhaps the best blog on FIFA? Or maybe you just love discussing game news? Try to embede some form of your goal into your domain name. Examples? “CODauthority.com” or something like “MastertheFIFA.com”.  (Both are not taken at the time of this writing).

Branding or Keyword?

Do you want a name brand for your domain, or a keyword? If you pick a site like “IGN” it’s purely a brand. There’s not really a known acronym for the site. However, if you pick something like “Splatoon2Guides.com”, then it’s very obvious what your site is about and your target audience.

This is good since it makes your site well known in google search engines, but it also limits your blog in many ways. Similarly, you don’t want to just pick something generic like “GameBlog2017.com” since it doesn’t make your site seem unique or stand out to visitors.


It’s better to have a short length for your website. You don’t want a very long name, but there are some exceptions.

However, the biggest and best websites in the world all have short names, and the shorter the name, the better, in most cases. If you want a website about Zelda games, instead of naming it “TheOneMasterSword.com” consider naming it something more like “1MS.com” since its shorter. However, also remember you want your audience to know what your site is about. You need to find a balance between having a clear name, and a short name.


Your blog name needs to be memorable. Try not to be generic! Don’t make it too boring or too simple. It can’t be too unique and complicated that it’s easy for someone to misspell or forget a word, but it also has to be unique enough to remain different.

Try to think of unique gaming elements that really ring a bell in your mind, and that could be catchy. For example, if you love Nintendo games and want to make a blog about Nintendo, consider something like “CapeFeather.com” instead of “MarioFanBlog.com”.

Ease to Type

Is your domain easy to type and not complicated for spelling? Try to keep things simple!


I mentioned this before, but even if you aren’t a search engine optimization expert, try to make your domain friendly for search engines. Short names do well. If you do reviews, consider putting some form of “review” in the name.Don’t worry about this too much, however.

I think every year that goes by, Google has put less emphasis on what your blog is named, and more emphasis on who is talking/linking to your blog.

Securing Multiple Domains?

Do you think your domain name idea is too gold? Well, you might want to lock down some other associated names just in case someone gets an “idea”. For example, if you lock down “DingDingGaming.com”, someone could very well end up taking “DingDingGaming.net” in the future.

Sure, this means you’ll have to buy more domain names, but sometimes it could be worth it. I’ve seen plenty of blogs out there copy others with similar domain names in attempts to surpass their competitors.


How to Pick a Good Domain Name for a Gaming Blog

Toucharcade.com is a unique website based on mobile gaming

By starting off with a strong domain name for your gaming blog, you make a good precedent for the future. You need something short, unique, and easy to remember. Try to remember your goals, and the reason you created the blog, or perhaps consider some special gaming icon that could be a domain name related to your blog. If you follow these tips, I’m sure you’ll have a great domain name for your gaming blog. Remember, you also need to host your gaming blog, so check out Bluehost which Is what I use!