Many people tend to think that you have to pay an arm and a leg to get a good bed. But where do you draw the line? We all agree that cheap does not cut it in the world of mattresses but at which point does a high price not indicate a change in value.

You see, a mattress can cost as low as under $100, and the price can get to upwards of $100,000. Yes, there, are six-figure mattresses out there. But if you are not looking to sleep in the most expensive bed in the world, then you need to know where price matters between $100 and $100,000.

Here, we want to catch a real glimpse of what your money can get you. Not something cheap that will develop lumps after a few months.

Why are Mattresses Priced Differently?

The reality is; there are very few mattress manufacturers like Tempur-Pedic, Simmons, and Serta, who get to name the same mattress distinctively for sale in different retail stores. A lot of other companies simply can’t be found in retail stores. This is why I recommend shopping online, to get more options. Here’s a full article on why you should buy your mattress online

If you happen to be in the market for an exact model of the mattress you have in your house, the chances are that the mattress does not exist anymore in the retail stores around. Even in the exact store, you bought it the first time.

Why not use a consistent name for the same mattress?

One, when a mattress appears exclusively in one store, it is easier to give it a markup price tag of up to 200% of the manufacturing cost. This is simply because you’ll not be able to compare the prices elsewhere.

There’s a cut for the Retailer

The mattress store needs to pay rent and electricity fees. But on top of that, they have to take home a cut for the salesmanship. This adds significantly to the price value in excess of a few hundred dollars.

Added Features come with Extra costs

If the main construction materials are natural fibers, that bed will cost more than one made from man-made fibers. The same happens when that mattress is a pillow top or it is made by gel infused foam. In other scenarios beds that do not require flipping also cost a little more.

Let’s Compare the Different Mattress Types and their Price Range:

Innerspring Mattresses

How Much Should You Spend on a Mattress?

These beds are made with spring coils as the standard construction materials. Again, the price changes with the type of coils, coil gauge, and coil count.

The comparison tables below do not include all the brands, but you’ll have a good check at the price ranges. These are average prices collected from credible online store sources. The prices may vary sharply depending on where you purchase the particular mattress.

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Memory Foam Mattresses

How Much Should You Spend on a Mattress?

These mattresses have steep price tags as you’ll see. They are considered more cushy and comfy as compared to other designs. The upper part of the bed has the memory foam around 8inches thick. The bottom is a dense layer of foam without the ‘memory’ aspect. Many manufacturers argue that gel infused memory foam sleep cool, but we can take up this debate with customers.

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Latex Mattresses

How Much Should You Spend on a Mattress?

Latex is made from natural materials. They are considered to be durable since they are firm and do not give in to pressure. However, their comfort levels don’t leave much to admire since not everyone can sleep on a very firm bed.

Their prices vary according to the percentage of natural latex infused in the engineering process. Some might just have the top layer of natural latex while the other layers can be made from blended latex or synthetic latex.  Beds with more than 90% of natural latex in their construction will cost from $1500.

However, manufacturers have found a way to make hybrids with latex to bring the prices down a little. You’ll find latex with innerspring or latex with poly foam. These beds now suit different sleepers. For example, poly foam latex beds are soft and favor side sleepers while innerspring latex beds favor stomach and back sleepers.

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How Much Should You Spend on a Mattress?

These mattresses are PVC blow-ups which fill with air in an instant to a full bed. They use air channels to hold the air such that it stays propped up throughout the night. They are mostly preferred as temporary solutions, but some have been made to assume a permanent position in homes. Their owner satisfaction is high when it comes to portability. However, since they are not soft and cushy, most customers just love them as travel items.

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How to Budget for a New Mattress

Depending on the prices; you can expect to spend an average of $300 on a spring mattress, $800 on a memory foam mattress, $1000 on a latex bed, $100 on an airbed, $300 on a futon mattress, $500 on a water bed, and $700 on a foam bed.

Always have a figure in mind for the least amount you want to pay and the highest amount in terms of the type of mattress you’ll be buying. Make sure you voice your comfortable budget to the salesman in the retail store since most likely than not, there’s a high-quality mattress in your price range.

What are the Comfort levels and Customer Satisfaction in each price range?

How Much Should You Spend on a Mattress?

Below $200

Most beds in this price range are considered temporary solutions before you make a significant investment in a mattress. They are in the likes of airbeds and basic bladder waterbed mattresses. They score an average of 5/10 for comfort and 4/10 for longevity.


These are mid-range models which have the potential for high comfort levels. They achieve some wide load deflection to accommodate your weight. They are used lightly mostly for guests or sleepovers. Their durability is also mid range as they can last from anywhere between five years and ten years.

When it comes to comfort, most customers are satisfied with how they feel.

Innerspring beds in this price range have a good degree of bounce with over 700coils to provide a high degree of bounce. They have better motion transfer than cheaper models. For foam, memory foam, and latex, they all enjoy an excellent support level.


Mattresses in this price range are notable for comfort, durability, and stability. They have pretty much everything you’d ask for in a high-quality mattress. You can expect it to last well over ten years. Even the warranties go to 25years. They have dense foam layers, advanced coil systems, and their latex is mostly natural rather than synthetic. These beds derive the highest customer satisfactions at 8/10 for most people who have had theirs for over seven years.


This price range is of the luxury mattresses. What we see is a bed whose name gives it the price and not an advanced user experience. There’s not much that the manufacturer can add to warrant the high price tags. If you are going to spend your money on a mattress on this high end, make sure it is worth the cost.

Some Basic Shopping Tips to Remember

How Much Should You Spend on a Mattress?

Take your Time

While at the store, spend some quality time examining the components of the various mattresses on display. Lie on them to ensure you can match what you want and the feeling you get. Sleep on all sides and let a sense of your favorite sleeping position sink in. Does it satisfy your expectations? Do not be bullied by any salesperson to get a mattress that is substandard to what you like.

When shopping online, inspecting the mattress is not possible. That’s why you need to check the return policy. The mattress you buy should have at least a 30-day trial period, so just in case you don’t like the way it feels, you can return it and get a refund.

Bargaining is Power

Most of us shy away from negotiating. Remember that the salesperson aims at getting the highest commission possible so you can bring the price down by telling them your budget price. No mattress has a fixed rate, if you feel the price is not right, you can always walk out of the store.

Watch out for Holiday Sales

Holidays come with significant discounts. You won’t believe how much a store is willing to bring down the price. Holidays like Thanksgiving, July 4th, Tax Day, and even Christmas give the retail stores a reason to give fair prices. Take advantage of these days, and you might just bring home a top-quality bed at a price you’d never have got on a typical sales day.


When shopping for a mattress, you want to combine the best elements that make the bed into one model and get to spend a reasonable amount of money. As you can see, price does indeed influence quality but not to the highest degree. Some beds are their own brand names which mean they may not be better than what you get at a lower price. Be a smart shopper.