Gaming headsets are great to use when playing games that require accurate audio and team communication. The only bad thing is that headsets can get annoying with cords everywhere. That’s why wireless gaming headsets are so convenient. Not only that, but you can keep talking to your buds even if you get out of your chair for a stretch or water break.

However, just because a gaming headset is wireless, doesn’t mean that it’ll be an ideal experience. Sure it could have good audio or good battery life, or even look cool–but what do those things amount to when you can’t even wear the headset without your ears hurting?A lot of gaming headsets–wireless or wired, are bulky or too expensive for what you get. Your ears will get too sore or hot after a few hours.

In this detailed roundup list of the most comfortable wireless gaming headsets for PC gaming, I’ve tried some of the best headsets and done plenty of research to root out the headsets that have the highest comfort levels. Each one of these headsets is VERY comfortable, and they have good other features to boot (color customization, sound quality, and overall battery performance).


If you want the most comfortable wireless gaming headset for PC gaming and don’t have a budget, I would recommend the Siberia 800s since they have the best audio, features, and comfort.

However, if you’re on a budget but still want core features and design, check out the Corsair Gaming VOID. Lastly, if you don’t have much money at all but want something very functional and simple, check out the outstanding H800s

Important Note:

A lot of headphone audiophiles recommend just getting a good pair of headphones with a studio microphone like the Blue Yeti. If you prefer audio quality over the convenience of a comfortable wireless gaming headset for PC gaming, this could be a good approach if you don’t want a headset, and for that combo, I would recommend getting the Yeti and the Sennheiser HD 598 (Sennheiser is a great brand for audio quality + comfort/reliability ).

Most Comfortable Wireless Gaming Headsets for PC Gaming

#5 Logitech H800 $60-70 (Great first headset)

Most Comfortable Wireless Gaming Headsets for PC Gaming

The Logitech H800 might not have the best sound quality, or the best microphone quality, or even the best look. It’s also missing features you’ll see that the other headsets in this list have (Dolby surround sound, mute indicators, distinctive coloring, or padded grips and tops)–but what it does have is pure COMFORT. These are one of the most comfortable wireless gaming headsets for PC gaming that you can find for the price–if not the only one.

The sides of the mic fit comfortably over your ears EVEN with glasses, and the microphone folds up and charges with micro USB making it a great headset for on the go use as well or holidays. It doesn’t bombard your ears with weighty cushion or form a suction cup on your head. It’s light, breathable, and simple to wear. In addition, I am also very impressed with its sound quality and microphone recording quality for the price.

Sure it might not sound like a $200 microphone, but this is the best headset for everyday gamers using a microphone for Discord, Skype, or Teamspeak.

#4 SteelSeries Siberia 800 Gaming Headset $250-260 (Audiophile or those who want the best)

Most Comfortable Wireless Gaming Headsets for PC Gaming

If you have a bigger budget for a comfortable wireless PC gaming headset, you ought to splurge a little on the SteelSeries 800 Wireless Gaming Headset. This headset has a padded top as well as closed-back ear cups with memory foam ear cushions. Each surface feels like smooth leather and it doesn’t heat up the ears after extended use.

The device also has an attractive orange and black color scheme, and overall the device just feels super premium with Dolby virtual surround sound bringing audio to life and a lite on the microphone that serves as a mute indicator. Other cool features include sound share and a click wheel that lets you control audio from the ear cup. The headset also has excellent passive noise isolation.

As far as battery life? Well, how does 20 hours sound with a replaceable battery pack? Yup, this bad boy comes with TWO. So if you’re in the middle of a raid, you don’t have to worry about having your head at an awkward angle just to be able to charge the device.

#3 Razer ManO-War Gaming Headset $160-170 (Flashy, superb middle-of-the-line product)

Most Comfortable Wireless Gaming Headsets for PC Gaming

The Razer ManO-War Gaming Headset strikes a good middle ground between the last two mentions. You won’t get as good audio here as the Siberia, but you will still get 7.1 surround sound, nifty features like the mute indicator, quick action controls, and 7.1 surround sound.

Battery life for the ManO-War is still good at 14 hours, and the headset has a unique color system built in that lets you swap between “16.8 million” color variations (red, green, blue, etc.fairly).

#2 Logitech G930 $88 (Slightly better than the H800’s for gaming)

Most Comfortable Wireless Gaming Headsets for PC Gaming

If you want something a little more “hardcore” than the H800’s, you should consider checking out the G930 headset. For a bit more, you get higher quality 7.1 Dolby surround sound, programmable keys on the side, a mute lite indicator, as well as some benefits from Logitech’s gaming software (voice morphing is FUN!) and the “gaming headset” look.

The ear cups are relatively deep and comfortable enough giving your ears plenty of room and they aren’t too bad to wear with glasses. Audio here isn’t anything to brag about since sound can sound a bit muddled and too bassy–but for basic gaming, it should be fine. Battery life is shorter than some options, giving around 10 hours.

#1 Corsair Gaming VOID $99.99 (Like the G930, but $10 better – Best Headset for the price)

Most Comfortable Wireless Gaming Headsets for PC Gaming

Last but not least, we have the Corsair Gaming Void, which is, perhaps the best and most comfortable wireless headphones for PC gaming, striking a great balance between sound, comfort, price, and looks.

The Corsair Gaming Void is around the same price range as G930, but for a little extra cash you get some better features like 14-18 hour battery life (when compared to 10), customizable color options on the side of the headset, as well as memory foam cups on the side of the headset.

The microphone for the VOID is also cool since it has some visual indicators about how your voice sounds letting you know if its muted or if there’s low battery life.