If you’re looking for a tenkeyless keyboard, you might have come across the Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum or the Corsair Vengeance K65. Both of these keyboards are great since they don’t have a useless number pad (only really good for data entry). In this article, I’ll compare the two keyboards to help you decide which is better.

Logitech K65

Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum vs Corsair Vengeance K65

This is my K65

The Logitech K65 is my personal pick. It’s my main keyboard, so I may have a slight bias, but I can see the pros/cons with each keyboard. It just depends on what you want.

While the K65 is a bit higher priced (around $10 more) and lacks RGB lighting, I think that the “Brushed Gunmetal Anodized Aluminum Chassis” gives it a really sturdy but premium feeling foundation. Most keyboards don’t have metal parts, and mainly consist of plastic, like the Logitech G410.

Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum vs Corsair Vengeance K65

I love the red key caps of the K65 since they are clicky enough for typing accurately but light enough to not cause fatigue while gaming. The ergonomics of the keyboard are also quite nice since they keyboard doesn’t have an obnoxious slant. It has plenty of buttons for controller volume, a special button for muting, and the grey keycaps for the arrows keys and WASD look awesome. 


Great industrial elegant gaming design

Great keycaps

Very sturdy

“Decent price”

Red keycaps on this keyboard feel great


Bit more expensive than the G410

No RGB lighting

Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum vs Corsair Vengeance K65

Logitech G410

Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum vs Corsair Vengeance K65

The G410  is more of a standard gaming keyboard in some ways. You get the full RGB coloring which is a plus over the K65, and the design of the keyboard has more gaming flair whereas the K65 has more of a rugged industrial take on the gaming keyboard.

The G410 has more of a different ergonomic design with an upraised front half, flatter midsection, and a slight tilt towards the front of the keyboard. The keyboard also has good volume controls, and some of the key caps have interesting designs instead of just normal key cap printing.

Finally, it looks like the G410 might have a bit faster switches than the K65. However, this just depends if you like red switches or not more.


More “gamey”

RGB lighting

Cooler keycap designs

Uses a unique keycap, “Romer-G” Switches

Good price


Feels a bit “cheaper” than K65

Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum vs Corsair Vengeance K65

Why Is a TenkeyLess Keyboard Better?

Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum vs Corsair Vengeance K65

Different Keyboard Sizes

I prefer tenkeyless keyboards more than full-sized gaming keyboards simply due to ergonomics. When you have a full sized keyboard, it forces your mouse to be in a different position. If you have a keyboard without a number pad, you can get a straighter angle for your mouse hand which is much more comfortable.