Do you want to set up a dedicated IP with TorGuard VPN?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Setting up a dedicated IP through a VPN service like TorGuard has many benefits. TorGuard is also one of the only VPNs to even support dedicated IPs. (Read our full review here!).

When you set up a dedicated VPN, you no longer have to deal with websites locking you out since they detect a shared IP address. In addition, dedicated IP addresses are better to use if you want to access media services like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Go since they have a much easier time of detecting shared IP address users.

Dedicated IPs also come in handy while gaming since some services don’t like when you switch IPs since that can signal account compromise.

(These websites do not like proxy users since they have crazy deals with TV companies so they make it their mission to stop shared IP address users that can benefit from VPN. VPN users can access Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go without any restrictions. Usually, these servers restrict content to specific regions–but with VPN, you can watch whatever you want, where ever you want it!).

How to Set up a dedicated IP with TorGuard VPN
IPs are available in the following countries (Canada / UK / Italy / Germany / Japan / AUS / France):

#1 Purchase TorGuard here (if you have TorGuard skip to step 3). Feel free to use the code “Best10VPN” to get 25% off your price!

#2 When you are checking out make sure to pick the dedicated IP addon. Then checkout and pay.

#3 You can upgrade or downgrade any service by going to Client Login > My Services > Details (click on that little details icon) > Upgrade/Downgrade options. You can buy a regular dedicated IP from your client area. 

#4 Once you have your dedicated IP, you need to launch TorGuard and set it up. Go to “more settings” on app launch, then go to “Servers”. Insert your preferred name for your server and enter the IP then add it. Once you do this, the dedicated IP will be included in the list of servers to connect from.

#5 Go to the server list and pick your server, then connect! And that’s how to set up a dedicated IP with TorGuard VPN! Easy huh?


That’s it for setting up a dedicated IP with TorGuard VPN. However, if you want to step up your security, even more, I’d recommend checking out some of our antivirus reviews.