The HON Ignition and HON Endorse are two premium products offered by HON. While the Nucleus seems to represent HON’s pinnacle of design and quality material, these two chairs are both very budget friendly without sacrificing any mandatory ergonomic features and functions.

Both chairs retail for close to the same price on Amazon which is a far cry from the $900-1000 region of the Steelcase Leap (here’s a Steelcase Leap review). The HON Ignition costs around $340, while the Endorse currently costs $391. However, you can get the HON Ignition without a mesh back for only $293.

However, it can get confusing trying to understand which chair to get for which purpose. The reason is that HON doesn’t clearly identify each one of their chairs for one singular need.

Sure they do have a chair quiz on their site that is supposed to find your perfect HON chair, but it’s hard to really get a good idea of each chair’s specialty without going through it 20 times.

Does one of these chairs have the advantage? Since both chairs cost the same, shouldn’t they perform in the same way? In this HON Ignition vs HON Endorse comparison, I made a table to outline some clear differences. While both chairs are pretty similar, there are a few factors which could influence your decision to get one chair or the other.


Endorse vs Ignition HON Ignition HON Ignition vs HON Endorse - Which Chair is Better? HON Endorse HON Ignition vs HON Endorse - Which Chair is Better?
Seat Height Adjustment
Seat Depth Adjustment
Arm Adjustments
Headrest Adjustment Add-on purchaseable
Tilt Lock Adjustment
Lumbar Adjustment Adjustable seat back adjusts where lumbar support goes, but no adjustable lumbar panel Adjustable lumbar panel
Price $350 or $293 for non-mesh $390
Tilt Tension Adjustment
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As you can see from the table, both chairs have most of the important features. The HON Ignition uses a different adjustable lumbar support. With the ignition, you simply move the seat up, whereas the Endorse requires that you adjust the lumbar pad.

I’m not a huge fan of lumbar pads, I can’t really answer which method works better, but there are plenty of users from both chairs that cite the chairs work well for tall or short users alike. If you like Lumbar pads, I’d say go for the Endorse, but the Ignition looks to be better for people who don’t like traditional lumbar pads.

The other main difference between the chairs is that the HON Endorse has the ability to attach a headrest on the top of the chair, whereas the Ignition does not.

Finally, the two chairs just have a different style, even if they do look pretty similar. The HON Endorse looks a little sleeker in my opinion, but both chairs look great and it mostly depends on what you feel is the better-looking chair.

Summary of HON Ignition vs HON Endorse:

So which chair is right for you?

Do you prefer an adjustable back or an adjustable lumbar support pad? Do you want a head rest? It’s up for you to decide, but if you want more info on these chairs, check out each respective review.

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